Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Bright Friday

Black Friday, or as Vera Bradley calls it, Bright Friday, is literally around the corner.  Everyone has their lists ready and is anxiously awaiting the busiest shopping day of the year.  Vera Bradley has been super secretive of their specials this year.  We've known for awhile about the Holiday tote, spend $100 and receive the tote for free, but there are some specials Vera is keeping a secret until the big day.
Holiday Tote in Dogwood
This makes a great gift, pick up a few things for yourself or that special someone on your list and get a FREE tote.

Here's what I've heard, the 5 colors we've been discussing 

Rosy Posies, Rhythm and Blues, Floral Nightingale, Mocha Rouge, and Very Berry Paisley, will begin their farewell tour Friday, before heading into retirement for good.  (If you go online now, they are already on sale!!)

I also heard these patterns will be 25% starting Friday, and the stores might even start the sale tomorrow.  This would be a great time to beat the crowds, and grab a few things early.  You won't be able to get the tote, but if you weren't planning on spending the $100, this might be a good idea for you.

Next rumor, Friday, in stores and online there will be 4 items on sale in the newly retired patterns.  Laptop backpacks will be $59.99, and the All in One Wristlets will be $19.99.  I know there are 2 other items that will be on sale, but those have not been revealed to me yet.

It looks like Bright Friday is going to be an amazing day for Vera Bradley sales, and I will be there Friday morning when the doors open to bring all the news, and events to you!!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Holiday Traveling with Vera Bradley

It's almost Thanksgiving, also known as one of the busiest travel days of the year.  Airports, train stations, and even the trunks of cars are full of Vera Bradley travel items, and I've had so much fun looking at all the great pictures on Instagram.  I decided to share them with those of you who are not on Instagram, or maybe you are and you just missed them.

This pic belongs to me.  I'm not going anywhere for Thanksgiving, but I do frequently stay away from home on the weekends.  My Miller Bag holds everything I need for a weekend away, and my new Wristlet is the perfect little accessory to go with just about anything.

The Hipster is a great travel companion, and it doesn't get in the way of your other items you may have to carry on your shoulder.

I LOVE how everything matches.  This is a serious Vera addict with some amazing pieces.  Looks like Miss Haley is going away for a great holiday.

Laura has some great retired patterns, Raspberry Fizz and Peacock to name a few.  The great thing about traveling with Vera is you can fit so many items into each bag.  It's hard not to use Vera when going away for a weekend or an extended vacation.

Vera cosmetic bags are another great item to use in your bags to help keep everything organized.  I use several every time I travel.

These last 2 pics belong to one of our favorite contributors, Molly!!  Love that Paisley meets Plaid, it's really starting to grow on me!!

Looks like someone needs to pack a few things of their own.

Thanks to everyone for their pictures!!  You can still get in on all the fun, just tag your Vera Bradley travel pic to me on instagram with the hashtag #verabradleyholidaytravel. 

Thursday, November 15, 2012

How Do You Organize Your Vera?

So this is a topic we often discuss on Instagram, but I thought it would be a great topic to post on here also.  This beautiful collection belongs to Knicole, or @kcdawn85.

Her closet looks like a Vera store!!

I wish I had built in shelves like these!!

This is a fab idea, because I actually have drawers like these.

Is there any special way you like to organize your Vera's?

Monday, November 12, 2012

Vera Bradley Cassidy Review

I know someone in particular has been wanting this review for awhile, and it is my pleasure to finally deliver this much anticipated report!!  In my opinion, Vera has hit another home run.  I like having a variety of bags to choose from, totes for larger items, wristlets for those occasions where you only need a few things, and a great shoulder bag for a night out, or a short shopping trip.  I've been wanting a bag like this for awhile, ever since I got my Abby.  Abby is a great bag as well, but being only a handheld bag, it can leave you wanting a bag that you can toss over your shoulder.  But now, all my shoulder bag needs are satisfied with the new Cassidy!!

My beautiful Cassidy in Portobello Road
I love the hearts going down the middle of the bag, that is what really sold me on this print.  (This is one of the bags I got for FREE when I won the giftcard!!)

The Cassidy has one non-adjustable strap.  This is the perfect length for almost anyone; it sits perfectly on your shoulder, and I have not had one instance where it fell off my arm.  

The Cassidy has 2 front pockets which are perfect for my cell phone.  Even with a larger case on, it slides in and out easily, and doesn't seem like it would fall out.  Also a great place for keys or lipgloss!!

I have noticed if this bag is a little full, it will start to bow in above the pockets after it's zipped closed.  

More hearts!!  I love the inside of this bag!!  This bag does not have a hard removable base, but Vera says it's, "reinforced."  I don't see this bag sagging, because I feel like you can't put enough in the bag to make it sag.

You have your standard inside zipper, big enough for anything you want to keep secure.

2 slip pockets on the opposite side.  I was really surprised by how many pockets were on this bag.  And filling up the pockets does not seem to make to bag bulky.

The slip pockets are also big enough to fit your cell phone with a case on. (This is a Speck case, not as large as an Otterbox, but still pretty bulky.)

I can fit my Turn Lock Wallet, medium bag from the Cosmetic Trio, Coin Purse, Pocket Stickies, and hand sanitizer.  I can fit my Kindle in here, but it just makes the bag too big and bowed in like I showed you earlier.

Everything fits inside nicely, and you can easily access all of your items.

I haven't used this bag as much as my other Vera's, mainly because I need more things on a daily basis.  I like using this for a movie or dinner date or even a short shopping trip.

Anyone interested in getting their own Cassidy?

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Vera Bradley Survey:Spring 2013 New Styles

I was invited to take a Vera Bradley survey yesterday and I was thrilled.  I've only had the chance to participate in these once, and it was so long ago I don't even remember what it was about, so you can imagine how I felt yesterday.  I really wasn't sure what to expect, I thought it was just going to be a guessing game when I saw the title, but then new spring styles start popping up so I grabbed my phone to share with all you Vera lovers out there!!

When I saw this first slide, I figured it would be a guessing game about prices.

Instructions on how to play.

They give you a little information  on the style and then you can pick your price and how you feel about it.  The choices were hate it, don't like it, neutral, like it and love it.  There's also a box at the top to leave whatever type of comment you want about the item.  There were also several current styles in the survey, but I am only sharing the new spring ones, and the one above for reference.  (I was kind of bummed that every bag was shown in Va Va Bloom, I was hoping for a spring color, but oh well.)

Convertible Crossbody
I knew as soon as I saw this style pop up, I was in for a treat, because I have already seen the spring source book.  This style reminds me of the new Two Way Tote, in that it has handles and a crossbody feature.

Petite Tote
From what I've heard and read, this is most likely the replacement for the soon to be retired East West Tote.  I am very intrigued by this bag, and best of all, ZIPPER!!

Tablet Hipster
For all your lovely ladies with iPads, here's another way to tote your precious around.

Little Flap Hipster
Another new hipster, but I have no complaints, keep them coming Vera!!  I've seen an inside pic of this beauty, and that entire bag flips open to more organizational pockets.  I would like to see a size comparison with the other Hipsters.

Laptop Backpack
So many people were upset when I relayed the Laptop Backpack was going to be retired, but never fear, the new version is almost here!!  

Another restyle, this one just looks like they've made it a little taller.

Large Laptop Tote
Another functional bag to carry your laptop.  It seems to me this one doesn't have a zipper, and that kind of turns me off. :-(

What style are you most excited for?

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Reader Review Friday!! Strap Wallet Review

Big thanks to Molly for her wonderful review this week!!

Hi, it's Molly, and I'm back again for another guest review :>. This
review is on my favorite Vera Bradley wallet of all time, the Strap
Wallet. Just wanted to share the love with others. This wallet is in
the pattern Happy Snails, which is one of my favorites. It has proven
useful time and time again for a quick trip to the grocery store or
mall, where I have not always found the need for a purse. I also find
that I'm benefiting from 2 products in 1, which I'll share in more
detail later :>. Another plus and one criteria for me was that it
fits my iPhone with an Otterbox case on it! There are so many wallets
that may fit the iPhone, but not with this bulky case on it.
This is an overall view of the complete wallet, strap included.
When the wallet is opened, there is a magnetic closure. I'm finding
it nice to have the magnetic closure along with the snap closure, as I
feel that the magnet won't then rip through the fabric.

Here is the top of the wallet when opened, with the top of the snap
closure shown. There are 6 card slots and one slip pocket in this
area. You can also see the attachment device that the strap hooks
onto. I have a Vera Bradley keychain as well attached to one of the
rings to hold a Pocketbac and Pocketbac holder from Bath and Body

Here is the slip pocket, where I prefer to keep my cash.

Here is a close up view of the rings that hold the strap and the Vera
Bradley keychain.

This picture is of the bottom of the wallet, where there are another 6
card slots and 1 more slip pocket. That makes for a total of 12 card
slots and 2 slip pockets :>. There is a clear window for an ID.

This shows the bottom slip pocket, where I like to keep receipts and
coupons. Aren't the snails on the inside of the pattern so cute?!?!?

Moving on to the back of the wallet, there are 2 zipper compartments.

In the smaller zipper pocket, there is some change.

And there it is!! The phone fits!

At the bottom of my phone, there are a couple of small lip balms.
They generally fit if you put them below the phone, but not on the
side of the phone. There is my dog in the background, I think he was
curious, or maybe just bored, lol!
This is where the wallet falls on me when worn crossbody. It fits
perfect, in my opinion, right on my hip!
Bonus! You can take the strap off the wallet, and put it on a
keychain for use as a lanyard. This is wonderful, because if I'm not
using the wallet for crossbody purposes, I can utilize the strap as a
lanyard to match my Happy Snails hipster.
As mentioned before, I love, love, love this wallet! Hope this review
was helpful for those on the fence about it.

Have a great day!


Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Big Sis, Little Sis

I've noticed lately that I'm getting my favorite patterns in multiple styles so I wanted to know if any of you ladies find yourself doing the same thing.  It seems when I get something in a larger bag, I also pick out something in a smaller style, and vice versa.  Lol, I am totally ok with this habit, what do you think?

Pleated Tote and On the Go in Mocha Rouge

Clare and Wristlet in Summer Cottage

Small Duffel and Saddle Up in Boysenberry

Miller Bag and Clare in Happy Snails

Tote and Vera Tote in Symphony in Hue