Saturday, February 16, 2013

Vera Bradley Fall 2013 Preview

So I know I've been absent lately from the blog world, and I sincerely apologize.  Things have been a little crazy lately and I hope I can make it up to you with these awesome pictures of the upcoming Vera Bradley Fall 2013 patterns.  Like last year, there will be 6 new colors, but the release dates are still unknown.  Hope you enjoy!!  My store was a little limited on styles this time around, but I've heard there were some problems with stores getting these preview items on time.  This time around they had the new 6 colors in the Glenna, zip ID, Smartphone Wristlet, the Vera tote, Euro Wallet, Turn Lock Wallet, Large Duffel, Grand Traveler, Hipster, and the medium and large cosmetics.

Bittersweet in the Vera Tote
This pattern reminds me of Carnaby and Buttercup, there's also a little houndstooth in the border.

Cocoa Moss
Brown, black, gray and green reminds me a little of Baroque.  Perhaps that was the inspiration? 

I think this is becoming my favorite print of the Fall 2013 collection.  I love all of the colors, and there are plenty of paisleys. 

La Neon Rose
I instantly liked this pattern when I saw it.  I'm a big fan of neon green, and this is so different than most Vera prints, in my opinion.  

I absolutely almost hate this pattern.  VeraObsessed loves it, so I'm going to try to be nice because I dislike haters, lol, but something about this pattern reminds me of the knock-offs you see around sometimes.  (Sorry to anyone who likes this one.)

Olivia Pink
(Did anyone else notice all of the girl names given to patterns this season?) The pink actually bounces off of the army green background nicely, and the flowers remind me a few older retired Vera prints.

Hipsters in Lola and Bittersweet
How does everyone else feel about that houndstooth border?

Grand Traveler in La Neon Rose
I like this pattern more and more every time I look at it.

Large Duffel in Olivia Pink
It's like Priscilla Pink but better!!

Medium Cosmetics in Olivia Pink and Heather

Zip ID in Heather

Turn Lock Wallets in Olivia Pink and La Neon Rose

So what does everyone think of the new colors?  Favs?  Least Favs?  Sound off below!!

If anyone wants anything in a new color and you do not have a preview store near you, you can always call the store and they will take your order over the phone and ship your item to you!!  Don't overspend on eBay!!