Thursday, March 21, 2013

Vera Bradley Summer 2013 In Stores Now!!

Vera Bradley launch days are the best!!  I've been waiting and waiting for today, and now I want every single thing in Tutti Frutti possible, lol.  Here are some pics from the launch that VeraObsessed was kind enough to share.

Beautiful Sun Valley Table with some new travel companions.

My house is seriously starting to look like this.

On the left are the new 2014 student agendas, and a few other stationary items.

New Summer Keychains

Grand cosmetic and Weekender in Marina Paisley

Easter special, Bunny and "easter basket" for $45 until March 30.

No party would be complete without refreshments!!

This time we were treated to delicious brownies.

Close up of a Lilli Bell brownie.

My Vera Bradley Summer 2013 far. 

I love this wristlet and I think it's going to get used to death this summer.  I can not wait to pair this with a matching fringe scarf.

I really love my Tutti Frutti!!

My 2 free clip zip Id's in Sun Valley.  I kept one for myself, and shared the other with my best friend.

My water and Sun Valley brownie.  My store only had Sun Valley, but I've heard they actually had all 4 at other stores.

Did you pick up your new summer items yet?  Let us know about your experience and what you got down below!!

Monday, March 11, 2013

Vera Bradley: Summer 2013 Online Sneak Peek

We all wait for the first day the new colors are available to view online, and today is that lucky day!!  With March 21 a little over a week away, we all need to get our shopping lists ready.  It's so much fun to look at everything online but I have to add this disclaimer, everything looks different in person, and these pictures do not do these colors justice. 

Grand Tote in Tutti Frutti

Grand Tote in Lilli Bell

Grand Tote in Marina Paisley

Grand Tote in Sun Valley
New Items
So there are not a lot of new styles coming out for summer which is kind of a bummer, but I guess Vera felt with all of the new seasonal iems coming, it was a bit overwhelming to include new styles.  Something to look forward to for fall.
Garment Bag in Tutti Frutti
This is a restyle and there are a few obvious changes, but I still do not know anyone that owns this and I've seen one person buy it in the store.

Travel Pouch Duo in Sun Valley
I love this!!  I love my Ditty Bag, but I sometimes find it a bit too small, so this is awesome.  I don't think it's lined, but I like these for my shoes when traveling because I don't like my shoes touching the insides of my suitcases.
Medium Packing Cube in Lilli Bell

Small Packing Cube in Marina Paisley
Another cute little travel accessory in a small and medium version.  These will be available in the new colors plus Plum Crazy and Jazzy Blooms.
Travel Pill Case in Tutti Frutti
Cute little item to keep things organized, not just for traveling.  I would like to know if these little bottles are included.

Rolling Luggage in Plum Crazy
The rolling luggage's shape has been changed just a little from the previous Suzani collection.  I'm so excited it's going to be in Plum Crazy, I think I need this!!  These are only showing online in the 27" spinner, and the 22" spinner.
Tassel Keychain in Sun Valley
Ok, I love this, but it's $30, and I don't know about some of you, but I can not justify spending that much on a KEYCHAIN!!

Pushlock Wristlet in Lilli Bell
This is the new item I am most excied about!  I love wristlets and I think this one is going to be fabulous.  It appears to be like the old wristlet, with the card slots on the inside, but a little pocket has been added to the front.  Now what to put in there?
Baby Items
Baby Items will be in stores March 14.  There are a ton of baby clothes and blankets, but here we are just going to focus on the new bags.
Convertible Baby Bag in Tutti Frutti
This bag has been out in the Classic Black, but I'm glad they decided to make it in their signature colors.  The one thing I've noticed is all of the baby bags are only being made in Tutti Frutti and Lilli Bell right now.  I really hope they change their minds about this because if I was having a boy, neither of these colors would work.  Sun Valley and Marina Paisley would be great boy colors, they're both blue based and are void of flowers.
Backpack Baby Bag in Lilli Bell
A lot of ladies love backpack for a baby bag, so this will definitely cater to those that do.  This will also be available in Classic Black.
These bags have been out in the signature colors, but now they are being added in Classic Black.
Make a Change Baby Bag in Classic Black 

Messenger Baby Bag in Classic Black
This Summer will have a few releases, March 21 is for the new colors, and a few items mentioned above. April 11 will introduce new summer beach items, and April 25 we get some new accessories including the return of the Fringe Scarf!!
My Summer Wish List
Mailbag in Tutti Frutti
I love the mailbag and I've finally decided to get it in a new color, and why not pick it up in my favorite Summer 2013 color.

Pushlock Wristlet in Sun Valley
When I saw this, I knew I had to have it.  It will be a perfect match with my Fringe Scarf I plan to get at the later release.
My wish list was also going to inclue a Cosmetic Trio in Tutti Frutti, but they are not online in the new colors.  I hope this is just an oversight, because I will be very heartbroken if the Cosmetic Trio is being retired.  I'll make a seperate post for retirement talk.
What do you ladies think of all the new stuff?