Monday, July 30, 2012

East West Tote Review

I told myself I would review one Vera Bradley product a week, so when I was thinking this morning who should receive the honor this week, I didn't have to look very far for inspiration.  I was joking with my friends about all of the Vera in my gym bag and then it hit me, my gym bag!!

I've read a lot of reviews and talked to a lot of people and the more popular choices for gym bags are the small duffel, Miller, maybe even the traditional Vera tote.  This bag can be used for numerous events, I started using mine because it was new and I really wanted to carry it and because it matched my gym shoes, LOL!!  After that first time I took it, it just stuck.  I'm not one of those people who take anything and everything to the gym.  I only go when I know I can run home afterward; So keep that in mind when making your selection.  On any given gym day, I have a large bottle of water, a face towel, my Kindle (in case I'm in a reading mood on the treadmill), wallet, iPhone, earbuds, lock for my locker, tanning lotion, goggles, and car keys.  I love taking this bag, it's large enough for me to fit everything I need, yet small enough to fit inside of my locker.

In my pockets I keep my tanning goggles, lock, wallet, earbuds, keys, and phone.

In the main compartment I keep my towel, Kindle, water, and tanning lotion.

The straps are basic, not double or quilted, or anything like that.  I find they stay on your shoulders perfectly, but then again I don't load the bag down.  I think if you're carrying something heavy, the non-padding may be a problem.

(My finger is touching the magnet)

The bag has an invisible magnetic closure.  Even though it's not a zipper, I still like it.  It's not a very strong magnet,but I think that's a positive because I'm not worried about it tearing the fabric later on down the road.

My laptop does fit, but it's super tight!!  If I had a smaller laptop, it might be a little more practical to use as a laptop bag. 

I've even started using this bag for the pool.  Again, I don't take much to the pool, I only have to pack for myself.  I can fit a beach towel, Kindle, snacks, water and any other little thing I might need.  If you're packing for more people, I would suggest a larger bag.

Do you use a Vera for the gym or the beach?  Send us a pic!!

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Spreading the love

Our Vera addiction is spreading to family and friends.  I guess this was bound to happen when all we talk about is Vera. A friend recently went on a shopping trip and brought these home with her ...

 Carry It All Wristlet in Very Berry Paisley (R) and Clip Zip ID in Tea Garden (L)
It feels great to share a the Vera Bradley brand with others. The company does a great job providing high quality products at reasonable and affordable prices. And because every season promises new prints and styles, it never gets boring. 

The Vera Bradley collection includes countless items: purses, totes, travel bags, and accessories. If you think this is extensive, just wait until next season. From a very close source to Vera Bradley, jewelry and more home goods (think plates) are scheduled to come out. Just when you couldn't wait for new colors and updated styles, there's even more to be excited about.


Thursday, July 26, 2012

Vera: Gift Wrapped!!

I had another special delivery today!!  I purchased a birthday present for a very special someone, and purchased something for myself as well.  Since I had her present gift wrapped, mine came wrapped as well and it was like Christmas!!  Vera wraps things so nicely, you really only need to add a bow.

Vera has very cute gift boxes.  I even keep them for other gifts because they are so nice.

You can even write a personalized message, and Vera will print it on a special card.  Everything is wrapped in tissue paper and sealed with a Vera Bradley sticker.

Miller bag for the birthday girl in Night and Day.  I've never really seen this pattern up close until now and it is so pretty!!  There is a actually gray around the black flowers and it's beautiful.  Now I'm pondering what I can get for myself in this pattern.

My special treat for myself, the Vera XL tote in Symphony in Hue.  I know I've been getting a lot of these lately, but sometimes you just can't pass up a good deal.  I had a Vera XL tote once upon a time, not sure why I got rid of it, so I'm so happy to add this bag back to my collection.  (If you couldn't tell, Symphony in Hue is one of my favorite colors so when I find something in it, I BUY IT!!)

I feel like I need to revise my earlier statement concerning Vera's shipping.  This shipment came very fast, way earlier than expected.  From the time I ordered it, and I ordered it late at night, to the time I received it today was 6 days.  I have some Christmas presents coming soon so we'll see how fast those get here.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Let's show some love to the Miller bag...

I found myself shopping at my favorite Vera store (surprise, surprise!) in search of a new overnight bag.  I already had a Vera XL tote, but I found myself wanting more.  Don't get me wrong, Vera XL is a great bag, and I got good use out of mine toting it on several trips and to the pool every weekend.  But I felt very limited as to what I could take in my tote when usuing it as an overnight bag.  Enter Miller!!  The helpful sales lady told me it was a very popular choice, and now I understand why!!  I firmly believe the Miller bag is their most versatile bag they've ever designed.  I made my color selection and I went out into the world with my new best friend.

I picked Happy Snails of course!!  This pattern grew on me, and I absolutely fell in love with the snails!!

I immediately packed it up for an overnight trip the next night.  The 6 interior pockets are huge!!  They help keep me organized and when I'm organized, I'm happy!!  For an overnight trip I like using the pockets for a hairbrush, hairspray, deodorant, toothbrush, toothpaste, hair straightener , perfume, my Kindle, so pretty much anything and everything.  :-)  The pockets extend all the way to the bottom of the bag. 

I save the main compartment for my clothes, pajama's, extra shoes, etc.  There's actually a few videos on YouTube and the amount of stuff that they are able to fit is amazing!!  And the best part...zipper closure!!  I feel it's so much easier to stuff this bag full and zip it up, rather than worry about over filling and stuff falling out in the car or something like that.

The Miller bag has a roomy front pocket that extends to the bottom of the bag.  I usually put my phone and keys in here and I don't have to worry about them falling out.  It's even large enough to fit my Kindle Keyboard.

This bag can be used for so many different things.  I've used it for a laptop bag or when I take my dogs somewhere with me I pack their bowls, food, treats, etc.  Even moms love this bag as a diaper bag.  No matter what your need is, this bag can do it!!  Miller is on the top of my favs list!!

Vera Specials

Doesn't it seem like every season there are endless sales and specials?  It's a gamble to buy now with the current special or wait and see if a better one comes along.
I was in the "wait and see" category until today. My plan was to hold out for the Spring 2013 Plum Crazy print to be released. But one big factors played changed my mind: the 30% off one item special. That was a sign from the shopping gods.
Ever since the new/restyled mini hipster was released, I just had to have it. I went back and forth because of the size, but after getting the Frannie I knew it would be a perfect bag for me. I'm a minimalist and a small bag would hold all my daily essentials.

Also, do you know whose birthday is August 9th? It's Vera Bradley's birthday! To celebrate, stores will be having all day specials. Details can be found in the image below.


Tuesday, July 24, 2012

I love surprises!!

So today I was pleasantly surprised when I came back from lunch and there was a huge box waiting for me in my chair!!  I knew instantly it was a Vera surprise!

I love how I always feel like I'm opening a present when I receive a Vera package.

I purchased this bag for school, so I'm not really sure how everything is going to fit inside.  I've read several reviews talking about how roomy this bag is.  I was able to put my standard laptop (15 inch) inside, but it was a very snug fit.  I placed my school book in the bag and there is room for other things.  Look for a full review of this bag in the coming weeks.  I was debating about keeping this bag or not, but I do believe I will be keeping this messenger bag!!  We'll see how it goes!!

As far as the shipping and handling is concerned, I feel like Vera takes extra special care of your items that you order.  Everything is packed and wrapped very nicely.  I feel like the shipping time takes FOREVER!!  But it was a week from the time I ordered it, to the time it was sitting on my desk.  The more I think about other retailers I've ordered from, this time seems pretty standard.  Order something of your own?  Send us a pic, we'd love to see it!!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Amazing Deal on the Messenger

This is an awesome deal and I'm so glad I was able to place my order before all the good colors were gone.  Usually I miss out because work gets so crazy sometimes.  I guess it's just my lucky day!!  Did you get yours yet?

Small Kisslock Wallet Review

As I mentioned a few days ago, I've been looking for a good wallet that I can use day to day.  Don't get me wrong, I love my All in One Wristlet but I just don't feel like it's a good wallet.  The coin pouch is laughable, the card slots are a little tight, and don't plan on loading it up with cash because it will only fit a dollar, lol.  But that's ok because the wristlet I feel is a minimalist's wallet, I love using it when I go out or go see a movie, but I needed something more practical.  I've never been someone to tote around a million things in my wallet, keeping a bunch of reciepts, and coupons in my wallet would drive me crazy.  I looked at the Accordion and Turn Lock wallets, but they were too big. (Not knocking you that like these wallets, just not my style)  I've always been attracted to smaller wallets because sometimes when I carry a smaller bag like the Hipster, or a clutch I like to just throw in my wallet and not have to worry about changing everything out.  I knew I wanted my new wallet in Indigo Pop, I just didn't know which wallet to choose.  I became interested in the Snappy, Euro, and Small Kisslock wallets.  Upon taking a closer look, the Euro wallet turned me off because of the extra card slots that open up, so I put that one back.  I was actually walking up to the register with the Snappy wallet, but the coin pouch was a little zipper on the back, the same exact problem with the AIO wristlet, so I decided to take a closer look at the Small Kisslock wallet.  I just fell for it!!  I love the kisslock coin pouch!!  Not only is it different from other wallets, it holds so much more change.  I don't carry around $20 bucks in change or anything, but I would like to be able to hold more than a quarter, lol.  The kisslock also reminded me of my grandmother's coin purse when I was a little girl.  I know it's a little nostalgic, but I loved it. 

Love love love!!

Back view

Magnetic snap closure.  This is not one of those tough to open magnets, but I still feel like everything inside is very secure.  I've read on, a few people were having problems with the wallet opening back up, but I personally have not experienced this.  I feel like my wallet is full, but not overstuffed, perhaps this is the culprit of the problem the other ladies were facing.

Completely open.  Don't worry, this is just my McLovin ID, lol.  I can easily fit my ID, and 3 cards, I just used a few reward cards for this pic.

Cash!! I never carry more than a few bills anyways, so I feel like this is perfect for me.

The change!! I haven't experienced any problems with this part either.  The compartment stays closed keeping your change secure. 

I have noticed a few strings like this, but every Vera addict knows there are always a few loose threads.  I'm just hoping this is not the first of many.

Bottom line, I love this wallet.  But only time will tell if this wallet is durable and can be used day to day...

Monday, July 16, 2012

Campus Tote Review

       Campus Tote                                       vs.                                         Pleated Tote 

I'm not exactly sure why Vera decided to call this a Campus Tote, but it's the restyled Pleated Tote.  I wanted a Pleated Tote for a very long time, I even missed the Pleated Tote going away sale, so I decided to wait until the newbie came out.  The new look is much more attractive to me than before.  The straps have been changed to the rolled straps, which I've found stay on your shoulder better and is easier to slide on and off.  The bottom of the bag has a rounder edge, the old style was a little boxy.  The major changes are in the inside of the bag.  First off, the zipper is gone!!

This change hurt me the most, and I almost didn't purchase my bag because of this.  The zipper was replaced with a magnet, but a very secure magnet, I sometimes have a hard time opening my bag back up.  I've even held my bag upside down, and nothing came out, so fingers crossed!!

The pocket count has gone from 4 to 2, with one large pocket on each side.


The 2 pockets are pretty large, the go all the way to the bottom of the bag, and I really haven't found any problems with just 2 interior pockets.  I can still find everything with ease, and I don't feel like my purse is junky.

They've kept the 2 outside pockets that extend all the way to the bottom of the bag and I find these very useful.  Even though there is no closure, I still feel like my cell phone is secure.  The other pocket is good for keys or hand sanitizer or something like that.  I do have a rather large keychain and I sometimes find difficulty pulling them in and out. 

I feel like the overall size of the bag is smaller.  I would sum up this bag as a purse, not a tote, but to each their own.  This is not something I could say, tote my laptop in.

It does fit my medium cosmetics bag, spiral notebook, Kindle, wallet, baby wipe holder and zip ID case.

I usually thow in a bottle of water, and a piece of fruit and I still feel like I have a bit of room.  Even with everything I mentioned above, the bag never feels heavy to me.  I have grown fond of this bag, despite the few negatives.  I don't think it's as high on my personal favs list as my Mandy, but I will definitely keep it around for a long time!! 


Trade Show Finds

I was at a trade show this past weekend, and as I was traveling from booth to booth I found these adorable baby wipe holders.  Now I do not have children, but I love love love baby wipes, and I always carry them around with me.  They have so many uses, like getting stains out of your clothes if you have a mishap, or removing makeup, I also use them to clean my dog's paws after playing outside. (He's very particular about the cleanliness of his paws, but that's another story!) They had a lot of different patterns, and as I was looking through them the lady noticed my hipster I was carrying.  That of course led us to a long conversation about Vera, and how another lady custom ordered a bunch of baby items, bibs, blankets, etc. in Vera Bradley.  She said she ordered quite a few napkins and didn't know what to do with the leftovers.  I said, "use them for the wipe holders."  She went and dug out some of the prints and she had one of my favorite prints, Happy Snails!!  Happy Snails is the print of my Miller bag, and therefore my number one choice in matching this particular accessory.  I was so excited, 20 minutes later I picked up my custom Vera baby wipe holder and I can't help myself from showing it off!!

Isn't it adorable?

It even has this cute trim going all the way around it.  I love finding custom Vera things, and I know you ladies do too!!

Sometimes I just like to be matchy matchy!!

I also saw ladies carrying so many different Vera's, even my parents joined in the counting Vera game.  I was only able to snap a few pics, but here's what I got!!

I really want a Go Round Tote now.  It just seems so functional.

Out of all the bags we counted, Hipster was the number 1!!  I can understand why, it's perfect for things like these, hands free shopping!!

Friday, July 13, 2012

Vera GWP!!

This weekend only spend $100 at any Vera Bradley retailer, and receive a free lunch tote of your choice!!  This is a great deal, and with some of the new fall colors out, you're sure to find something you need.

Fall 2012 Launch Part II

I have to admit that I was never really into any of these new prints...until I saw them in person. The stock photos really do not do them justice. Va va bloom and indigo pop were the two prints that pleased my eyes the most. I do have a propensity for multi-colored prints because they go with everything. Indigo pop has neutral enough colors to make it easy to wear, and that splash of lime green brightens the whole palette.

I originally purchased the new On-the-Go in Va Va bloom and the wristlet in Indigo pop.  But after a lot of deliberation, I exchanged the On-the-Go for the Frannie for size reasons. I have two medium sized handbags (Mandy and bowler) and do not utilize the pocket or space it offers. So far, downsizing was a good decision. I can fit my everyday essentials in it with room to spare: wallet, keys, phone, lipgloss, and lotion. I loved having the potential to cram more things into my bag, but if I don't do that, it's a waste. Maybe next time I'll find it necessary to get the On-the-Go ;)
The wristlet was a no-brainer because I can fit everything I need into one handy little pouch so bag changing is simple and nothing is left behind.

Left: Frannie in Va Va Bloom
Right: Wristlet in Indigo Pop
With my experience with this last print release, I have no idea what to expect with the rest of the prints coming out August 31. Maybe I'll love them, maybe I'll hate them. I certainly didn't have favorites when these newest ones came out, but I came home with two. Guess we'll have to wait and see!


Thursday, July 12, 2012

Fall 2012 Launch

So you better belive we were at Vera Bradley on Tuesday for the launch of the first 3 fall colors for 2012.  It was such a blast seeing all the new colors and styles after waiting what seemed like forever!!  Deciding what to get proved to be an impossible task, but we did it!!  Here are some of the goodies we snagged!!

Campus tote in Va Va Bloom
Small Kisslock Wallet in Indigo Pop

After obsessing over this Campus Tote (formally the Pleated Tote) for what seems like months, I finally decided on Va Va Bloom.  This may be a Fall color, but it's so bright and cheerful, I feel like it's going to be a perfect year round bag.  Here's the stock photo from


I was really in need of a new everyday wallet, (I've been using my All in One Wristlet for too long now) and this little cutie seemed perfect.

Of course I had to snag a few cookies and water.  They are actually pretty good!!  I've only eaten one, I can't bring myself to eat the other one, silly, I know!!

Next week we will post some reviews of all of our new goodies...stay tuned!!

I Spy...

We love seeing Vera out in the real world.  My mom says it's creepy, but I like taking pictures of the Vera's I see to show my friends, lol.  It's almost like a little game, what print is that or what style is that?  We are always texting each other about the Vera's we saw that day!!  If you start paying attention, Vera is all around us!!

I saw this hipster (one of my favorite bags) at Chipotle.

Another Chipotle pic.  Yes, Chipotle is like my 2nd home!!

Even at the Choctaw Casino, ladies are rocking their Vera's.  There are so many Vera's at this place, but this was the only picture I was able to snap!!  By the time I got my phone out they were already gone!! 

Spy a Vera in your town?  Send us a pic, we'd love to see it!!