Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Vera Bradley Winter 2012 Sneak Peek

Today we were all treated to a sneak peak at all of the new patterns and styles coming out on November 2.  I for one can not wait to see all of these in stores, and I know plenty of you are as anxious as I am. 

New Colors
English Rose
(This one came out in September, but it's still a Winter 2012 color)
New Styles
Two Way Tote
This is the new bag I am most excited about!! The fact that it's a tote and I can wear it across my body, OMG!! 

This looks like a great handbag.  I love the long straps, but I'm wondering how it closes.  I can see the flap opens up, but is there a zipper, or magnet?
This is the number one new style I hear ladies talking about.  I think this bag is going to be a big seller!!  It kind of reminds me of the pleated tote a little, and I do love my zippers.
I'm really liking this bag.  This style was in the Vera Vera microfiber collection a few seasons ago, as the Top Handle Duffel.  It looks like a great little handbag, so this might be added to my list. ;-)
Mini Chain Bag
One of my friends has been waiting on this bag since we found out about it.  The strap is actually quite long, 53".  That's a crossbody for me, but it's unclear whether or not it's adjustable.  This would be a great bag for going out or the lady who loves to carry a few things.
Little Hipster
I'm excited to see this beauty in person.  I'm a huge fan of the Hipster, but the Mini Hipster seems to be a little too small for me.  This one could be just right!!
Barbara Frame Bag
This bag is part of the new line with leather trim.  I'm personally not into any of these items, but I know several ladies who are very interested in grabbing a few of these.
Patricia Crossbody Bag
Another leather trimmed bag.  Anyone going to pick this up?
Anniversary Wristlet
From the picture this appears to be the Super Smart Wristlet with leather.  There is no picture of the inside yet.
Shimmer Evening Bag
Too cute!!  This would make a great holiday gift.
Shimmer Wristlet
I'm kind of bummed that these shimmer items only come in Dogwood, but they are still adorable.
Jewelry Folio
Most of the time I have a pretty good base of what's coming out, but I had no clue about this one.  I'm actually intrigued because this would be perfect for me.
Here's the inside.  I'm worried this might just be another take on the hanging organizer, and with smaller jewelry you really need the smaller compartments.
Special Holiday Items
Keepsakes Box
Great gift idea!!  If you need a little something for the ladies in your office, or maybe your neighbor, I don't see where you could go wrong with this.
Sweet Nothings
The online description says you could use this for soap, or your earrings.  I'm wondering how small this actually is. 
Photo Frame
I am getting this!!  I've always wanted a Vera frame, and I will not let this one pass me by!!
Photo Ornament Set
I don't see why you would only have to use these for Christmas.  These would be cute just on the walls around the house.
Kitty Keychain
So cute!!  I have discovered that Vera keychains sell out super fast, so if you want this, grab it while you can.
Scottie Keychain
I actually have a schnauzer, but this looks just like him, and I really really want it.
I have been wanting this forever!!  I hope someone gets this for me for Christmas, wink wink!!
My Shopping List for November 2
Two Way Tote in Provencal
You already know I love love love Provencal, and I've been wanting a bigger bag, because my small Provencal bag is not something I can use everyday.  I've been planning this one for awhile.
Wristlet in English Rose
This print has really grown on me, and I wanted something else with a brown background, so I think this will be perfect.
I'm hoping to stick to my list, but we all know that probably won't happen, lol.  I'll let you know what I end up getting!!
What are you most excited about?

Monday, October 22, 2012

Vera Bradley On The Go Review

This week's review is dedicated to my new love, the On the Go bag!!  This is a fabulous bag, and a hidden jewel in my opinion.  I just love pleasant surprise, and I think anyone will be pleasantly surprised with this bag.

My beautiful On the Go in Mocha Rouge 
(This is one of the bags I got for FREE with my gift card I won in the raffle!!)
I would really like to see the old On the Go, to compare these two properly, but I will point out the changes I know were made just from looking at the two.  This bag can be carried as a regular shoulder bag or a crossbody bag.  I have heard the number one complaint with the old style was that taller ladies felt it wasn't a true crossbody bag.  I can tell you this one is very long.  I usually let my crossbodies fall at my hip but this one can go down almost to my knee, lol.

The most obvious change are the stripes down the side instead of the middle.  I think they are very cute, and remind me of the Hipster.  

The new On the Go has silver hardware instead of the old tortoise shell ones.  I personally do not think this makes a difference as far as the overall functionality of the bag is concerned.  It just makes for a more attractive feature.

Side Pockets!!  At first glance, these pockets appear to be small, but they are huge!!  I can fit my iPhone 4s, and it fits snug, and secure, you can slide it in and out with ease.

I usually put my lip balm in the other side.

This bag has a zipper on the back, and this is the perfect place for my keys.  You could also use this for your phone if you're in an unfamiliar place and want a little more security.

Inside you have a very spacious compartment.  I can carry all of the normal things I carry in my other bags, and I still feel like I have plenty of room left over.  This bag doesn't bulk out, or turn into a funky shape when you stuff it.  I was able to fit plenty of candy inside the last time I went to the movies, LOL!!

Inside you have 3 slip pockets.  I can fit my mints, hand sanitizer, and tide stick inside of these, and nothing falls out, and the pockets never seem over stuffed.

You also have another HUGE zipper pocket on the inside of the bag.  I'm telling you, there's almost nothing this bag can not hold!!

There is truly nothing I would change about this bag, I absolutely love it!!  



This past weekend Vera Bradley.com had Viva La Vera, Boysenberry and Lemon Parfait on sale for 60% OFF!!  They also had a few specials, like the ribbon boards for $19.99, wristlets for $14.99 and Lizzy for $24.99.  These were amazing prices, and I know plenty of ladies that took advantage of these rare prices.  With Christmas coming up my mom stocked up on a few items, including my new laptop backpack in Viva La Vera!! (This wait is going to kill me!!)

Can you believe these prices?

I also ordered an old Saddle Up in Boysenberry for myself, and with my friend's $20 off coupon, I only paid $16 including shipping!!  Look for the review coming soon!!

Did you pick up anything on sale?  Let us know!!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Vera Bradley Saddle Up Review

After reviewing my top 10 post, I realized I needed to catch up with the reviews!!  I chose the Saddle Up because this is a new revamp and there are several things I feel you ladies need to know before purchasing this bag.

Saddle Up in Canyon (and my cute little Bloom Keychain also in Canyon)
I have heard so many different opinions on this redesign, both positive and negative.  I do not have the old Saddle Up, but I have interviewed several ladies that do, and I asked their opinions, and I am including those in this review.  I personally love that Vera removed the pleats, and fans of the old version are indifferent.  The number one complaint about this redesign is the removal of the silver ring.  I could see where the ring would help with opening the bag, and keeping your hands off the fabric if you have a lighter color.  I was also told that the ring helped keep the flap closed, several people have said the new design's flap is flimsy and will not stay closed.  I have not personally experienced this problem, but only time will tell.  I was disappointed with the size of the bag.  The new Saddle Up is a tad smaller than the old one, but I can fit more in my Clare than I can this bag.  The bag looks like it can fit a lot, but once you start loading your things in, the inside is clearly tiny.  If you overload this bag it bulks out and the outside pockets become useless and the flap will not stay closed because the magnets will not meet.

Behind the flap there are 2 large pockets.  This is the perfect place for your phone or something else flat.  I have discovered that if you place anything bulky in here, the flap will not close.  Lipgloss would also be a perfect fit in here.

I think keys would be too bulky in either of these front pockets.

Depth of the front pockets.

A new feature to this bag is the zipper on the back.  This is a positive change, everyone loves this one.  I put my keys here, but you could put almost anything in here.

The pocket is deep, and the zipper gives you added security.

Inside you have 2 slip pockets and a zippered pocket.

The 2 slip pockets are not quilted, and I have discovered that anything and everything falls out of these pockets.  It doesn't matter what I put inside of them, nothing stays.  I'm not sure if this happens because of the fact that the pockets are not quilted, or because of the outside pockets on the other side.

This is a pretty standard zipper pocket, no complaints here.

Another issue I have with this bag is that there is no hard bottom base.  I feel like all of my things sag, especially when I carry my Kindle in here.  Has anyone else had this problem?

Adjustable strap!!  I'm sure you already knew this, but I think the silver hardware is just so nice!!

Everything I can fit inside.

Anyone else have any thoughts on the new Saddle Up?  Sound off below!!