Saturday, January 19, 2013

Vera Bradley Baby Items Summer 2013

I was able to get a few pics of the new baby clothes coming out this summer and I wanted to share them with you ladies.  These totally make me want a baby...kind of.  LOL!!

I do not have children, so I'm not sure what you would call this little outfit, but it's adorable in Tutti Frutti.

Lilli Bell bodysuit

Lilli Bell
So, so cute!!

Friday, January 18, 2013

Reader Review Friday: Kisslock Manicure Set

It is Molly again, and I'm back for another guest review!  This review
features the Kisslock Manicure Set in Provencal.  These retail for
$25, and have been released in certain colors.  It is a great little
set; however, the inside of it has gotten a bit scratched up due to
the metallic objects on the inside.  Maybe I'm just too picky, but it
is something that I noticed and wanted people to be aware of.  Sorry
if the image quality isn't stellar.  Getting pictures of this small
item can be difficult :>.

Here is a picture of the set open.  The device opens by a kiss-lock
mechanism, which is quick and convenient.  There are 5 items on the
inside (from left to right: small scissors, clippers, nail file,
cuticle pusher, and tweezers) held by some sort of elastic material.
I love how the orange pops out on the inside of the Provencal pattern!

Here is a picture of the small scissors.  I haven't used these yet,
but you could utilize them for cutting off hang nails, trimming nails,
or cuticles.

Please be careful with putting the components back into the set!  The
edge of the scissors cut a little bit into the fabric.

These are the clippers.

The clippers are open here.  As you can see, there is not a separate
nail file on the inside.

The nail favorite part of the set!  I use the tapered edge
to get dirt out of my fingernails.

This is the cuticle pusher, which I think is a bit awkward to use.
However, it is there if you need it.

The tweezers are really nice!  Good quality and usage.

Kiss lock mechanism.

Yes, they are manufactured from stainless steel, how exciting!

Overall, I have really been enjoying this set.  If things like some
tears in the fabric may bother you due to the metallic pieces ripping
the fabric a bit, you may want to mull this over.  However, for me, it
is worth it in the end to have a convenient little kit that can easily
be stored inside a purse.

Thanks for reading!  What do you think of the kit?


Well now I want to get my own manicure set!! Thanks Molly for your great reviews!!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Vera Bradley Handmade Necklace

I was recently introduced to Etsy through a friend and I am in love!!  It's a shopping site for unique and handmade things, anything from jewelry to clothes.  I came across these adorable necklaces with Vera Bradley prints inside, and I had to have one!!  I have a few Vera Bradley bangles, and I thought these would be so perfect with the bangles.

You have your choice of gold or silver, and the prints available are Go Wild, 

and Provencal. 

I decided to go with Go Wild in gold because later on this year Vera will release more bangles and Go Wild just happens to be gold, I can not wait to wear these together soon!!

Such a great surprise to open the mailbox and find a tiny package inside!!

Perfect to wear while carrying around my Go Wild bag.

I'm definitely going to order another necklace in Provencal and maybe there will be more prints soon!!  These are a great deal at $10 each!!  If you want to grab your own head on over to Etsy and look for the seller DixieFlair, she's awesome!!

Monday, January 14, 2013

Vera Bradley Two Way Tote Review

Since I haven't reviewed anything in quite some time, I decided to pick one of my new favorite bags, the Two Way Tote.  I love my cross body bags, and sometimes you just need a little extra space, so Vera decided to release a mash up.  Not only can you fit everything you would carry in a tote, you can drape it across your body when you need both hands!!

My Two Way Tote in English Rose
This bag includes an adjustable strap and handles.
Let's just talk about the pattern for a minute, because when I was first introduced to this color I was not crazy about it.  But in person, there are so many colors embedded into this beautiful print.  There is a little of blue, purple, pink and orange on a dark brown background.

Inside print of English Rose
I think this is adorable!!

When I first purchased this bag, I thought there was no way I would ever use these handles.  I have to say, I use them just as much as I use the adjustable strap.  It is so convenient to just grab these handy handles when getting out of the car, or picking up your purse to head out.  Sometimes I just use these handles to carry the bag for short outings.

The strap can be used across your body, or on your shoulder.  The strap clips on to each side, and can be taken off completely if you just want to carry the bag with your hands.

Silver Hardware

Magnetic Closure
While I would prefer a zipper, this magnet totally works.  Nothing comes out and the magnet is extremely secure, there's no way a hand or anything could fit inside if you were out and about.

Here you have 3 slip pockets

Zipper Pocket

How everything looks inside of my bag.

Everything I carry inside of my Two Way Tote.

I can definitely see myself grabbing this bag in a future pattern because I love it so much.  It's a great bag with so much versatility, I carried it for 2 weeks straight and I never do that.

Do you have a new favorite bag?  Tell me all about it!!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Jazzy Blooms Framed "Art"

You already know I am in love with the limited edition Jazzy Blooms shopping bag, so much in love that I decided I wanted to do create something with this bag that I could admire for many days to come.  I found a great picture on Instagram and decided to make my own version so here you go!!

My Jazzy Blooms bag

I framed it.  The hardest part was cutting it down to the right size.  You can find an inexpensive frame almost anywhere, I found mine at Target.

Now I can enjoy these beautiful blooms on my wall everyday!!

Have you done something crafty with a Vera Bradley item? 

Friday, January 11, 2013

Jazzy Blooms Shopping Bag

Yayy!! I was so excited when I saw the sales lady load up my new purchases in this beautiful shopping bag.  When I've gotten a special bag in the past, it was always for larger purchases, like duffels or totes.  I think it's a great idea to include the smaller bags this time around.  I may be a nerd, but I'm totally keeping this bag.  I might grab another one for a crafty project, but I want one just to keep, lol.

So cute, and in my favorite Spring pattern.

The inside is just like the inside print of the Jazzy Blooms items.

Be Colorful!! 

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Vera Bradley Convertible Crossbody Review

I am completely in LOVE with the Convertible Crossbody in Plum Crazy. The versatile shape/size , plethora of storage, and slim silhouette are features that blew me away.

The dimesions are 13 ½" x 15" x 3 ¼" with 5" handle drop and 52" removable, adjustable strap. It's large enough to hold papers, folders, magazines, etc. comfortably. There are slip pockets and 2 pen/pencil holders (super handy) on one side and a zip pocket on the other. The top part of the bag folds down on both sides, rather than a flap on one side, when converted to a crossbody or over the shoulder.

There are two very different styles that you can get of out of this one bag. The first is the north/south handheld style. The other being the east/west crossbody or shoulder bag style. I've seen many bags with the fold over function and it doesn't impress me much because they either don't look polished or too much like an envelope. Clearly, not the case with the convertible crossbody. From the pictures, you can see the bag holds its lines and shape regardless of what form it's in. I think it's because the folded sides are secured down with magnets, which also function as the closure to the main compartment. Other bags I've seen have the sides fold over to only one side, closing the bag like an envelope, Additionally, the silhoutte of the bag stays slim even with many items in it. I'm a short person so it's important to have a bag that doesn't overpower me, still carries a lot, and doesn't look chunky when stuffed.
This is definitely my new daily bag and go-to bag for errands and everything else for that matter!

Convertible Crossbody Plum Crazy: Interior
Convertible Crossbody Plum Crazy: Exterior.
Flaps down in crossbody/over the shoulder style
Convertible Crossbody Plum Crazy: Exterior
Flaps up in handheld/tote style
Convertible Crossbody Plum Crazy: Profile

Vera Bradley Spring 2013 is here!!

It seemed like the Spring launch would never get here, but the new patterns are finally in bloom and are so GORGEOUS!!

Beautiful window display at my local Vera Bradley store.  I seriously just wanted one of everything!!

Jazzy Blooms display, SO PRETTY!  These colors are so bright, Spring has never looked so good!!

Midnight Blues display, for all of you blue lovers out there, this pattern has practically every shade of blue.  Haha, 50 shades of blue!!

New Convertible Crossbody in Plum Crazy

Little Flap Hipster in Plum Crazy and Go Wild
I wasn't really a fan of this bag when I saw the first few pictures of it, but in person it is much cuter and seems much more functional.

Make A Change Baby Bag in Go Wild
I don't have a baby, but if I did I would be all over this baby bag!!  This is so cute, and it seems it would be great with a boy or a girl.

Convertible Baby Bag in Black Microfiber
Go Wild looks amazing with the microfiber line.  Almost tempted to get something...

Saddle Up in Midnight Blues

New Petite Tote next to a Tote for a size comparison.
This "Petite" Tote is so tiny, I really don't see anyone using it except little girls.  I really wish they would release this bag in a larger version because I love the zipper and outside pocket, and I still can not believe they retired the East West Tote.

Campus Backpack in Jazzy Blooms and the new Laptop Backpack in Midnight Blues
To my surprise the new Laptop Backpack fits larger laptops!! Wink, wink!!

Our favorite stationary in Spring colors

Caroline in Jazzy Blooms and Edie Satchel in Go Wild

Stay Cooler in Go Wild and Lunch Tote in Plum Crazy
They brought the cooler back!!  This is awesome because I love my cooler, but now that the new one is taller, I may have to make a trade.

My friend exchanged a christmas present and scored this new Laptop Backpack and let me use the rest of her credit for a new Kiss 'n Snap wallet in Plum Crazy.  Yes, she's my best friend, haha.  Always love getting the cookie and water Vera hands out during a new release.

The Prize Table
This launch's drawing was for a Weekender, Convertible Crossbody and Grand Cosmetic, in the color of your choice, and guess who won...

ME!!  I am so excited!!  I got a phone call today at my office, and I just couldn't believe it. 

My Winnings
Weekender in Jazzy Blooms, Convertible Crossbody in Plum Crazy and Grand Cosmetic in Jazzy Blooms
It looks like the back of my car exploded in Spring colors, lol.

Weekender in Jazzy Blooms
I love my new weekender, I have the old one, so I'm excited to see how the new style compares.

Grand Cosmetic in Jazzy Blooms
I have been dying to own this bag since I first heard of its upcoming release.

This Spring release was such a blast, I don't see how any other launch could top it, until Summer that is, lol.  ;-)

What did you guys pick up at the new release party?