Monday, June 10, 2013

Vera Bradley All In One Crossbody: A Closer Look

We were all treated to sneak preview of the new All In One Crossbody coming for fall this past weekend.  When you purchased one at $54, you could purchase a 2nd one for 50% off!! That's a great deal and I hope you all got to take advantage of it.  I only purchased one for myself, but I'm still so excited about it.  I'm posting these pics for you guys to get a better understanding of how this is different from the other wristlets currently available.  (These are still online, but there are only a few colors that aren't sold out.)

Your crossbody strap and wristlet strap are removable so you can use whatever one fits you best.  I like that you can choose which side to put the wrist strap on since the metal rings are on both sides.

The front flap opens to cell phone pocket which is secured with a magnet.

My iPhone 5 in a speck case did fit, but it was very tight and I almost couldn't get the magnet to close.  If you have an Otterbox, I don't think this is the wristlet for you.

The first zipper compartment reveals several credit card slots.  I love this because with the All in One Wristlet and Smart Phone wristlet you only get 3 slots.  I need a little extra space!!

You also get the larger cash pocket where you don't have to fold your bills.  Thumbs up Vera!!

The 2nd zipper compartment has another little zipper pocket for change or whatever else you can fit and 2 slots for anything and everything.  I think this will be great for lip gloss and gum during a night out!!

I haven't been using this bag long enough to form a true opinion but from what I can tell I think the crossbody strap is a little too short.  I didn't purchase this with the idea of using it crossbody in mind anyways, so I'm ok with that.

It was so fun seeing these in the new colors, I can not wait until July 9!!

Vera Bradley Baby Survey

Our favorite contributor VeraObsessed sent us the link for the latest survey which focused on some new baby items.  I am not a fan of Lola, but the baby items are absolutely adorable in this print.  I wish some of my friends were having girl's so I could gift these beauties.

Convertible Gown in Lola

Cute packaging for the gown.

Ruffle Bodysuit in Lola

Ruffle Butt, lol

Packaging for the ruffle bodysuit

Lola outfit

Packaging for the outfit

Lola Bodysuit

Baby Dish Set

So cute!! A plate, bowl and cup.

Lola rattle 

Lilli Bell Ornament 

I told you it was all so cute!! I really hope they release these items in boy friendly colors like Sun Valley or Marina Paisley.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Vera Bradley Winter 2013 In Store Preview

Vera lovers are always waiting for the day when we can get a sneak peek at new upcoming patterns.  Today was that day ladies!!  My store's shipment was a little late today, so nothing was set up like usual, but I was able to snap a few pics for you guys.  (This also puts that little bit I found in the source book about the winter colors being what we thought was fall.  These are the winter colors, perhaps that was a misprint?)

Glenna in Venetian Paisley
When I first saw a picture of this pattern online, I thought the background was purple, but it's actually blue.  It's very pretty, and tons of orange in this one.

Canterberry Magenta
I fell in love with this pattern the moment I saw it.  IT IS GORGEOUS!! 

Canterberry Cobalt
I love this pattern also, but the pink won me over.  I can definitely see myself grabbing this when it comes out.  Someone in the store compared it to Baroque, and I can totally see that.

I am very surprised they are releasing practically the same pattern but 2 different versions in the same release. You would think they would split those up, but they're both beautiful so I don't think anyone will mind.

Inside print of Venetian Paisley 
Chevron!!  This print is so hot right now and I love seeing it inside of a bag!!! (I hope you can see how blue this really is.)

Inside print of Canterberry Magenta
Pink, pink, pink!!

Inside of Canterberry Cobalt

What VeraObsessed and I scored on this preview trip.  Can you guess who got what?

So what does everyone think of the new colors?  Did they miss the mark this time?  Or are you absolutely in love?

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Vera Bradley Pattern Survey: Possible Spring/Summer 2014?

I have never been lucky enough to receive a Vera Bradley pattern survey, but a wonderful Instagramer Crissytina20 was kind enough to share these photos, and to give us permission to post them here for everyone to see!!

So what does everyone think?

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Hmm...Vera Bradley Winter 2013 Announcement?

So I got an email from a reader today, and there was some very confusing and interesting information in it.  This small paragraph will start a cyber storm, lol.  You read it, and tell me what you think it means.

So are what we thought was the 2nd batch of Fall colors really going to be Winter 2013?  Are there going to be multiple releases for Winter this year?  What is going on??  I get from this paragraph that Olivia Pink, Bittersweet and La Neon Rose will be Winter 2013.  What about you guys?

Looks like the canvas Boxy Tote is coming back in the signature colors.  I've heard La Neon Rose will be a limited release which is a shame because I absolutely love it.

Sound off below ladies!!

Monday, April 8, 2013

Retirement Talk: Sale Starts May 23

So when I was shopping at my favorite Vera Bradley store the other day, I asked what would be included in their famous Summer sale coming up.  This is everything they told me, so there's no way this information could be wrong, unless Vera makes a last minute decision, which they are known to do, example Doodle Daisy's retirement.

Colors Being Retired

Paisley Meets Plaid
This color barely made it a year.  I think they were hoping for Very Berry Paisley success, but this one just didn't fit the bill.

Portobello Road
I actually own a few things in this color, but with the speed they're retiring things now, it's no surprise this one is hitting the road.

Lime's Up
I love this pattern, so I'm going to take full advantage of this sale and stock up for myself and Christmas gifts.

Summer Cottage

Just mentioning this color being retired starts a fight no matter where I go, lol.  It is very beloved, but it's time for new and exciting things.  There's speculation that this retirement could be limited, since La Neon Rose will be a limited release.

Styles Being Retired

Campus Tote
This bag has been on the retirement list the past 2 sales, so I'll believe it when I see it.

Lunch Break
There's always a lunch bag that's retired right before back to school time.  I've always wanted this style, I just can't justify this purchase, the coolers are much more useful.

Laptop Portfolio 
I've never once seen someone purchase this.  They'll probably come out with something else for the laptops this fall.

Super Smart Wristlet
Much like the hipsters, there are so many wristlets Vera offers right now, so I guess they decided they needed to retire the least successful one.

I know a few people in particular that will be sad by this retirement, but hey, grab it on sale. ;-) I personally, have never found much use for this bag, just a tad too small for me.

This is a great bag, and it will be sad to see it go.

I've look at his bag before and it does not seem functional to me one bit.  I've also never seen anyone buy this bag.

Quick Swipe ID
While it was a great idea, most people need room for more than one card.

Cosmetic Trio
We weren't sure this was going to be released in the Summer 2013 colors, so it's no surprise it won't be available for Fall.

UPDATE: So it seems, the rumors are true...Provencal is getting axed!!  Baroque will be around a little while longer.  Thanks for everyone updating me, I'm sorry I was so defensive, but I wanted to be sure to have the correct information, and my stores were telling me what they knew, which was Baroque was being retired.  They were updated over the past few days, so I have to go off of what they give me.  Thanks to you all for your support, and for continuing to read!!  Love you guys!!