Thursday, March 21, 2013

Vera Bradley Summer 2013 In Stores Now!!

Vera Bradley launch days are the best!!  I've been waiting and waiting for today, and now I want every single thing in Tutti Frutti possible, lol.  Here are some pics from the launch that VeraObsessed was kind enough to share.

Beautiful Sun Valley Table with some new travel companions.

My house is seriously starting to look like this.

On the left are the new 2014 student agendas, and a few other stationary items.

New Summer Keychains

Grand cosmetic and Weekender in Marina Paisley

Easter special, Bunny and "easter basket" for $45 until March 30.

No party would be complete without refreshments!!

This time we were treated to delicious brownies.

Close up of a Lilli Bell brownie.

My Vera Bradley Summer 2013 far. 

I love this wristlet and I think it's going to get used to death this summer.  I can not wait to pair this with a matching fringe scarf.

I really love my Tutti Frutti!!

My 2 free clip zip Id's in Sun Valley.  I kept one for myself, and shared the other with my best friend.

My water and Sun Valley brownie.  My store only had Sun Valley, but I've heard they actually had all 4 at other stores.

Did you pick up your new summer items yet?  Let us know about your experience and what you got down below!!


  1. Just ordered a Little Hipster and Cosmetic Trio in Tutti Frutti! I'm sure you're relieved that they aren't retiring the trio. :) I love the inside print so much!

  2. Aww I love your purchases!! I'm so glad the cosmetic trio is sticking around and I can not wait to get mine. Now I'm lusting after a mailbag in Sun Valley.

  3. I got:

    Tutti Frutti:
    -pushlock wristlet
    -large colorblock tote
    -clip zip id case
    -kiss n snap wallet

    Lilli Bell:
    -clip zip id case
    -pushlock wallet

    Mariana paisley:
    -clip zip id case

    I went to a local retailer today since they were having a huge store sale. Everything was at least 20% off, even summer colors! VB Baby stuff was excluded from sale. The local retailer also offered in-house monogramming - I got my large colorblock tote monogrammed in less than an hour! They also had more fonts and colored threads to choose from for the monogramming! No waiting two weeks for a monogram for me!

  4. I didn't like these colors at first, but they have really grown on me and I really want something in tutti fruiti! Any idea what the next round of colors are that will be retired and when?

  5. Jen-you hit the jackpot!! Love your purchases!!

    Rachel-I need to make a post for the next round of retirements bc there are some surprises for sure!!

  6. My local retailer showed me the list of what is going to be retired in May. I remember at least four of the colors that were on the list but I feel like there was at least six!

  7. Limes Up, Summer Cottage, Paisley meets Plaid are 3 retired patterns coming up. I know there were more....

  8. Provencal and Portabella Road were also on the list

  9. Rachel and Genny- the colors that will be retired are Paisley Meets Plaid, Lime's Up, Portobello Road, Summer Cottage, and Baroque. This is the official word I've gotten from my local Vera Bradley store. I will make a separate post about the styles retiring.