Monday, June 18, 2012

Everyone remembers their first...

Everyone remembers their first Vera.  Mine wasn't a handbag, but it still means so much to me.  A company I order supplies from at work was running a promotion, a free Vera cosmetics bag with your order.  I had never really heard of the brand before so I didn't really think anything of it when the rep said they were going to send me one.  A few days later, after the order arrived, I opened the box and thought, "Oh my gosh, how cute!!" That was it, love at first sight!!  I still, to this day, carry that makeup bag, several years later.  Sometimes I switch it out with my large cosmetic, but I never see myself getting rid of it.

Small cosmetics bag: Raspberry Fizz


My first Vera was a gift from K. A little wristlet in Viva la Vera was all it took to get me hooked. When we went to go pick out the print, I remember being completely overwhelmed with all the patterns and colors. After some difficult decision making, I finally chose Viva la Vera for its bright vibrant colors and swirling patterns. I used it from that night for almost a year straight because it was so versatile; using it alone or tossing it into a bag. A huge factor for its long term usage was that it fit my phone (HTC Aria) ,with its case on, perfectly. I've since given it a break, but see myself coming back to it soon.

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