Monday, June 18, 2012

Review: Mandy

Let me just start by saying I love love love this bag!! I don't think love x3 even covers it.  There is not one negative thing I can say about Mandy.  I think most would classify this bag as a medium sized hangbag, but to me it looked a tad small.  I was sort of skeptical at first about the size of the bag, I'm used to my larger Vera's, East West tote, bowler, and even the Miller bag, but good things come in small packages.  The Mandy has 6 roomy interior pockets, I can fit my wallet, pens, lipgloss, earphones, mirror, and zip ID case, and that's just in the pockets!!  The middle of the bag holds a medium cosmetic bag, a very large book, and a mini spiral notebook (Vera, of course). Mandy also has a front pocket which is perfect easy access to my cell phone.  My iPhone does fit a bit snug, but I don't think there's any way your phone will come flying out.  The straps seem too thick to me at first, I was worried they wouldn't stay on your shoulder, but once you place your things in your bag, the straps stay beautifully.  I usually switch out purses often to match my outfit or to switch for whatever is practical for the day's events, but I cannot leave Mandy alone. It is the perfect everyday bag!! I'm definitely getting this in more patterns. 

Mandy: Island Blooms and spiral notebook.
Wallet: Symphony in Hue



I was originally looking for a small-medium sized every bag. The Mandy seemed perfect, and so did the Little Mandy.  The final decision came down to inner pocket size and functionality, which the Mandy won. 
I absolutely need pockets because they keep me organized, and I want to have the option to put larger items in them like my wallet, sunglasses, snacks, etc...without worrying they'll fall out. To put it into perspective, my pockets currently hold sunglasses, a pen, snacks/gum/candy (which sometimes take 2 pockets), clamshell wallet, extra small cosmetics bag and keys. Even when I toss my bag around, nothing falls out.  This leads me into the zipper closure, which has become a must for me now because it keeps everything secure and out of sight.
Another winning point of this bag is the simple and subtle design.  The pattern of the bag isn't broken up from outer pockets and the curved piping detailing around the top rim makes it more handbag than tote. I definitely favor preserving the patterns when there's a lot of big details.
I would also recommend the Mandy as perfect introductory bag to Vera or a gift because it's such a well-sized, functional, and eye-pleasing bag.

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