Sunday, April 14, 2013

Hmm...Vera Bradley Winter 2013 Announcement?

So I got an email from a reader today, and there was some very confusing and interesting information in it.  This small paragraph will start a cyber storm, lol.  You read it, and tell me what you think it means.

So are what we thought was the 2nd batch of Fall colors really going to be Winter 2013?  Are there going to be multiple releases for Winter this year?  What is going on??  I get from this paragraph that Olivia Pink, Bittersweet and La Neon Rose will be Winter 2013.  What about you guys?

Looks like the canvas Boxy Tote is coming back in the signature colors.  I've heard La Neon Rose will be a limited release which is a shame because I absolutely love it.

Sound off below ladies!!


  1. Sounds like they are winter colors but as "select winter colors" maybe the Canterberry patterns still have a chance of a winter release? I need Canterberry Magenta!

  2. Tracy I agree. That color looks beautiful. The Venetian paisley one reminds me if viva la Vera.

    Shay-I am too!! I mean that clearly says those are winter colors right?