Sunday, April 7, 2013

Vera Bradley Fall 2013: Possible New Styles?

These pics were sent in from a lovely reader, they were taken from the survey sent out a few weeks ago.  I hope someday Vera sends me a survey, lol, I would love to give my input.

This looks like a cross between a mailbag and a backpack.  Anyone know what this is called?  Maybe the two way backpack? 

Same backpack shown in the Classic Black

This is a backpack from Vera's new "Puffy" line.  That's not what it's called, but that's what I call it, lol.  I believe there will be a few other items, like a tote and makeup bag.  I'm not a fan, but we'll have to see it in person.

Look like Vera is coming out with their own version of the iPad Smart Cover.  I've never seen this print before, any ideas as to what it is?


  1. I like the "two way backpack" and would LOVE it in Venetian Paisley with a matching wristlet, of course.

  2. Lol is that what it's called? I've been wondering. I'm hoping for a new tote style since they always retire my favorite like the pleated tote, east west and the go round.