Monday, June 10, 2013

Vera Bradley Baby Survey

Our favorite contributor VeraObsessed sent us the link for the latest survey which focused on some new baby items.  I am not a fan of Lola, but the baby items are absolutely adorable in this print.  I wish some of my friends were having girl's so I could gift these beauties.

Convertible Gown in Lola

Cute packaging for the gown.

Ruffle Bodysuit in Lola

Ruffle Butt, lol

Packaging for the ruffle bodysuit

Lola outfit

Packaging for the outfit

Lola Bodysuit

Baby Dish Set

So cute!! A plate, bowl and cup.

Lola rattle 

Lilli Bell Ornament 

I told you it was all so cute!! I really hope they release these items in boy friendly colors like Sun Valley or Marina Paisley.


  1. Lola is so much cuter with the white background!

    1. Definitely. I love Lola in these clothes.