Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Amazing things on QVC

Vera Bradley on QVC

I never realized what great deals QVC has on Vera Bradley until today. The 'Top Pick' of July 10, 2012 is the new Convertible Hobo, which is only available through QVC for today only.  It won't be available in stores until possibly fall or winter. The lines and silhouette looks much cleaner than the current hobo bag. Also, there's the Sweet Pleat handbag that is definitely not in local stores or online.

I also can't get over the great bundle deals, like the Frannie w/ coin purse for $29.98, or the Weekender w/ large cosmetics case for $95.60.

While I will be out there tomorrow for the unveiling of the new fall colors, I will keep in mind there are potentially new styles coming out in the next few months.

Happy shopping!


**Been informed that these bags are possibly QVC exclusives, so they may not be in stores. Hope you got them while you could!

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