Monday, November 5, 2012

Another Installment of Guess that Vera...

This collection belongs to @Kennaleexo from Instagram.  A big thank you to her for letting us use her collection.  Submit your guesses below!!


  1. Holy cow! I wish it was a slide show of each item, lol.

  2. I'm going to guess cause I wished someone would have at least tried it for my collection.

    Trip Kit - Loves Me
    Hanging Organizer - Plum Petals
    Some sort of wallet - Sittin in a Tree
    Blue Wallet
    Something in Lime's Up
    Pen and Pencil Set (Can't see color)
    Small Cosmetic - Lemon Parfait
    Carry it All Wristlet - Indigo Pop
    Coin Purse in Purple Punch
    Megnifier - Island Blooms
    Safari Sunet ID Case
    Mini Hipseter - Cambridge
    Very Berry Paisley Large Cosmetic
    Vera or Tote in Purple Punch and Mocha Rouge
    Hipster - Lime's Up
    Weekender - VaVa Bloom
    Miller - Indigo Pop
    Something in Folkloric
    Vera - Baroque
    Get Carried Away - Watercolor
    Weekender - Plum Petals
    Some sort of backpack in Cambridge
    Wristlet - Rhythm and Blues
    Something in Mediterranean Blue
    Zip Around Wallet - Call me Coral

    I think I may have missed some things, but this is my best guess without doing extra research.

  3. You really put some time into that!! I would give up after 20 mins, lol.

  4. Lol, thanks! It really didn't take too long.

  5. Maybe tomorrow? It will have been 1 week since the post. That's just my suggestion :>.

  6. Alright, here's the list!!

    -Get Carried Away Tote in Watercolor
    -Vera in Baroque
    -Weekender (old version) in Plum Petals
    -Large Backpack in Cambridge
    -Backsack in Va Va Bloom
    -Convertible Crossbody Hobo in Indigo Pop
    -Miller Bag in Folkloric
    -Tote in Purple Punch
    -Tote in Mocha Rouge
    -Hipster in Mediterranean White
    -Hipster in Lime's Up
    -Ditty Bag in Peacock
    -All in One Wristlet in Purple Punch
    -Large Cosmetic in Very Berry Paisley
    -Mini Hipster in Cambridge
    -Zip ID Case in Safari Sunset
    -Zip ID Case in Island Blooms
    -Coin Purse in Purple Punch
    -Hannah in Mediterranean Blue
    -Double ID Wristlet in Plum Petals
    -Small Cosmetic in Lemon Parfait
    -Ball Point Pen in Plum Petals (with Plum Petals binder clips inside)
    -Wristlet (new version) in Rhythm and Blues
    -Medium Cosmetic in Plum Petals
    -Carry it All Wristlet in Indigo Pop
    -Canvas Card Keeper in Boysenberry
    -Wristlet (old version) in Sittin' In A Tree
    -Petite Pouch in Lime's Up
    -Large Duffel in Purple Punch
    -Hanging Organizer in Plum Petals
    -Lanyard in Lemon Parfait
    -Trip Kit in Loves Me
    -Tech Case in Island Blooms
    -Clare in Va Va Bloom
    -Small Duffel in Plum Petals
    -Zip Around Wallet in Call Me Coral
    -Lunch Break in Indigo Pop
    -Compact Mirror in Island Blooms