Monday, November 12, 2012

Vera Bradley Cassidy Review

I know someone in particular has been wanting this review for awhile, and it is my pleasure to finally deliver this much anticipated report!!  In my opinion, Vera has hit another home run.  I like having a variety of bags to choose from, totes for larger items, wristlets for those occasions where you only need a few things, and a great shoulder bag for a night out, or a short shopping trip.  I've been wanting a bag like this for awhile, ever since I got my Abby.  Abby is a great bag as well, but being only a handheld bag, it can leave you wanting a bag that you can toss over your shoulder.  But now, all my shoulder bag needs are satisfied with the new Cassidy!!

My beautiful Cassidy in Portobello Road
I love the hearts going down the middle of the bag, that is what really sold me on this print.  (This is one of the bags I got for FREE when I won the giftcard!!)

The Cassidy has one non-adjustable strap.  This is the perfect length for almost anyone; it sits perfectly on your shoulder, and I have not had one instance where it fell off my arm.  

The Cassidy has 2 front pockets which are perfect for my cell phone.  Even with a larger case on, it slides in and out easily, and doesn't seem like it would fall out.  Also a great place for keys or lipgloss!!

I have noticed if this bag is a little full, it will start to bow in above the pockets after it's zipped closed.  

More hearts!!  I love the inside of this bag!!  This bag does not have a hard removable base, but Vera says it's, "reinforced."  I don't see this bag sagging, because I feel like you can't put enough in the bag to make it sag.

You have your standard inside zipper, big enough for anything you want to keep secure.

2 slip pockets on the opposite side.  I was really surprised by how many pockets were on this bag.  And filling up the pockets does not seem to make to bag bulky.

The slip pockets are also big enough to fit your cell phone with a case on. (This is a Speck case, not as large as an Otterbox, but still pretty bulky.)

I can fit my Turn Lock Wallet, medium bag from the Cosmetic Trio, Coin Purse, Pocket Stickies, and hand sanitizer.  I can fit my Kindle in here, but it just makes the bag too big and bowed in like I showed you earlier.

Everything fits inside nicely, and you can easily access all of your items.

I haven't used this bag as much as my other Vera's, mainly because I need more things on a daily basis.  I like using this for a movie or dinner date or even a short shopping trip.

Anyone interested in getting their own Cassidy?


  1. I want this bag! I have been eyeing it for a while. I was wondering about the front pockets. I want it in Jazzy Blooms!

  2. Jazzy blooms would be beautiful!! I was thinking earlier I want another Cassidy because I have been carrying this bag all week!! I want a Glenna in Plum Crazy, and a Little Hipster in Go Wild, so I'm not sure what print to get another Cassidy in.