Saturday, November 10, 2012

Reader Review Friday!! Strap Wallet Review

Big thanks to Molly for her wonderful review this week!!

Hi, it's Molly, and I'm back again for another guest review :>. This
review is on my favorite Vera Bradley wallet of all time, the Strap
Wallet. Just wanted to share the love with others. This wallet is in
the pattern Happy Snails, which is one of my favorites. It has proven
useful time and time again for a quick trip to the grocery store or
mall, where I have not always found the need for a purse. I also find
that I'm benefiting from 2 products in 1, which I'll share in more
detail later :>. Another plus and one criteria for me was that it
fits my iPhone with an Otterbox case on it! There are so many wallets
that may fit the iPhone, but not with this bulky case on it.
This is an overall view of the complete wallet, strap included.
When the wallet is opened, there is a magnetic closure. I'm finding
it nice to have the magnetic closure along with the snap closure, as I
feel that the magnet won't then rip through the fabric.

Here is the top of the wallet when opened, with the top of the snap
closure shown. There are 6 card slots and one slip pocket in this
area. You can also see the attachment device that the strap hooks
onto. I have a Vera Bradley keychain as well attached to one of the
rings to hold a Pocketbac and Pocketbac holder from Bath and Body

Here is the slip pocket, where I prefer to keep my cash.

Here is a close up view of the rings that hold the strap and the Vera
Bradley keychain.

This picture is of the bottom of the wallet, where there are another 6
card slots and 1 more slip pocket. That makes for a total of 12 card
slots and 2 slip pockets :>. There is a clear window for an ID.

This shows the bottom slip pocket, where I like to keep receipts and
coupons. Aren't the snails on the inside of the pattern so cute?!?!?

Moving on to the back of the wallet, there are 2 zipper compartments.

In the smaller zipper pocket, there is some change.

And there it is!! The phone fits!

At the bottom of my phone, there are a couple of small lip balms.
They generally fit if you put them below the phone, but not on the
side of the phone. There is my dog in the background, I think he was
curious, or maybe just bored, lol!
This is where the wallet falls on me when worn crossbody. It fits
perfect, in my opinion, right on my hip!
Bonus! You can take the strap off the wallet, and put it on a
keychain for use as a lanyard. This is wonderful, because if I'm not
using the wallet for crossbody purposes, I can utilize the strap as a
lanyard to match my Happy Snails hipster.
As mentioned before, I love, love, love this wallet! Hope this review
was helpful for those on the fence about it.

Have a great day!



  1. Thanks for posting this review :>. Just one note: the Vera Bradley keychain does not come with the wallet. My husband added it on from one of my Chain Lanyards, and said that it wasn't coming off the Strap Wallet! It apparently was pretty difficult to get on there.

  2. That was an awesome review! I, too, have an Otterbox on my phone and never thought the Strap Wallet could fit my needs. Now I totally want one! Thanks! :-)

  3. Thanks, Annie! I hope that you are able to get one; they are great :>!

  4. I saw the strap wallet on the QVC show and really liked the inside. I'm glad it fits a huge case. This might be a Jazzy Blooms purchase for me!

  5. Jazzy Blooms is so cute!! Can't wait for the spring launch :>.

  6. Yay for Jazzy Blooms!! I want something else in that pattern!!

  7. I am so glad that I stumbled on this review! I am looking for Christmas present ideas for myself, and i originally wanted a wristlet but then I saw the strap wallet and now I am torn! I don't usually do the cross body but i do like the idea of it more now. But it seems like it would be a good wallet with or without the crossbody, and it would hold my Droid RAZR!!
    I am still looking at the wristlets though, I am just not sure which to get!!

    (I feel so behind, but I am finally getting started on my Vera obsession!!!)

  8. Yay for new Vera lovers! I would love to hear what you decide to get!!