Tuesday, December 4, 2012

A few sneaks at Vera Bradley Spring 2013!!

Thanks to our avid reader, @VeraObsessed (as she's known on Instagram), we have some new awesome pics to share with you from the upcoming Spring 2013 release!! These pics appear to be from eBay, but they give us an up close and VERY clear look at a new style and 2 new prints.

Vera Bradley Large Laptop Tote in Midnight Blues
At first glance this seems to be a Vera Tote and Miller Bag mash up, but once you look inside this bag has a personality all its own.

You may remember this pic from a previous post.  This is a detailed look at this new item!! ;-)

Inside you have your padded laptop area, with a velcro tab to secure your computer.  There also appears to be 3 slip pockets.  My question is if these pads are removable or not.

The bag has a front slip pocket, and a toggle closure, much like the Vera tote.  The width is what reminds me of the Miller Bag, or maybe even the Grand Tote.

Back zipper pocket, just like the Vera Tote.  Is anyone able to make out that price?  (This color is definitely starting to grow on me.)

Euro Wallet in Jazzy Blooms
This was my favorite when I first saw the prints in person, and it's still beautiful.  (If you can't tell, the background is gray.)

I love that orange on the inside!!

The countdown to January 9, 2013, has officially begun!!


  1. Avid reader, lol. Just go ahead and say nutcase.

  2. Please!! If you're a nutcase then myself, and a few other ladies need to be committed with you!!

  3. LoL, well share a room and all show off our collections!

  4. Yayy an excuse to pack all my bags!!

  5. Jazzy Blooms! Yay! I love orange and it accents that pattern very well!

  6. Will this be your new happy snails?