Monday, December 31, 2012

Vera Bradley Spring 2013 Sneak Peek

Everyone kept speculating on Instagram when the new colors and styles would be available on for us to finally see everything, and today was that day.  What a way to bring in 2013, right?  Now that I get to see everything, I've added so many new things to my shopping list.  This batch of colors is outstanding.  I like each and every single one, this never happens!!

New Colors

Midnight Blues
This was my least favorite of the bunch, but it has really grown on me in the past few months.  I could see myself owning an accessory or something in this pattern.
Go Wild
ANIMAL PRINT!!  Love it!!
Jazzy Blooms
This is my favorite from this release, it was a tough choice, but looking over my shopping list, this is the clear winner.  Something about the way the colors pop off that gray background, I just love it!!  (Even though I already own something in this, I will be adding several items to my collection.)
Plum Crazy
This is probably going to be the best seller out of the bunch.  Everyone I know is already crazy about this pattern, and it's not even out yet.  I do love purple, so be looking for this beauty in my collection as well.
New Styles
Convertible Crossody
This reminds me of the two way tote, so I'm pretty intrigued by this new style. 
Tablet Hipster
Special hipster just for you tablet owners out there. 
Little Flap Hipster
It seems the number of hipsters available now make it a little confusing for the average consumer.  While this one does offer something different, I think you need to stick with the one that started it all, but that's just my opinion.  This bag does not seem interesting or functional to me at all.
Inside of the Little Flap Hipster
Large Laptop Tote
At first I thought I downloaded the wrong picture, because I've seen this bag, and it is shorter and wider than the Vera tote but this pic looks just like the Vera tote.  Maybe they inserted the wrong picture?  Anyways, let's move past the picture, I'm a little disappointed with this bag because first of all there is no zipper.  Who wants to put their cherished laptop in a bag that you can't even zip up and keep it secure?  Also, this bag only fits, "most 15 inch laptops," which means, 15% of the 15 inch laptops.  My laptop fits in nothing Vera claims is made for 15 inch laptops, and what about the people with 17 inch laptops?  I really think Vera needs to widen their horizons a little and include the people who prefer a large laptop.  Sorry, so long, just had to vent, lol.
Petite Tote
This is another confusing new spring item, because I heard this was the new East West replacement, but I've seen a few other pictures next to other items and this bag looks tiny.  I really need to see it in person to make an educated opinion.
Lunch Tote
Vera is always coming out with different lunch bags, and this one is really cute!!
Grand Cosmetic
I MUST own this bag.  Sometimes my large cosmetics bag seems too small, and I love love love the handles.  I'm excited to see just how grand this bag really is.
Mirror Cosmetic
Great idea to add the mirror to this.  Again, another item that needs to be seen in person, but the idea seems promising.
Mirror flap of the Mirror Cosmetic.
Kiss n' Snap Wallet
So cute and I would like to compare this wallet to the small kisslock wallet.
New Summer Accessories
Fringe Scarf
While it does get rather toasty in the south during the summer time, this is a great little item to add to any outfit, maybe for a night out.  I love scarves, and I'm totally adding this to my collection.
Flower Headband
I'm all about headbands right now, so it's only natural that I want one of these!!  Vera's headbands are super comfy, and the added flower is so cute!!
Braided Headband
Colorful Hair Elastics
It seems Vera is all about hair this season, and that's perfectly fine with me.
Colorful Hair Pins
New items for around the house and office
Drawer Organizer Set
I really hope these fit in my drawers because they are so cute!!  These are only made in Jazzy Blooms, and Midnight Blues.  It's a bummer sometimes that they only make certain seasonal items in select colors, but I've heard they do this because the other colors don't come out to their standards.  So in a way, it could be a positive.
Fabric Journal
Only available in Go Wild, Midnight Blues, and Plum Crazy.
Correspondence Cards
Available in Go Wild, Midnight Blues, and Jazzy Blooms.
There are also a few redesign, and returning items coming for Spring 2013.
Laptop Backpack
This is the most anticipated redesign of the year!!  I'm so anxious to see if the laptop slot is bigger, beacuse Vera made everything else a little bigger.
Stay Cooler
FINALLY!! Everyone I know loves the cooler, so I'm excited about this as well.
They took the backpack and made it thinner and taller.  Hopefully ladies older than 4 will be able to use this bag now, lol.
Manicure Set
I know a certain someone, ;-), what will be very excited this kit is sticking around.  This makes a great gift because anyone and everyone would get great use out of it.
What's Cookin' Apron
Throw Blanket
I've asked so many people, so many times if Vera was going to keep the throw blankets around because they are wonderful and I really want another one, and now I know, they are coming back!!! 
My Shopping List for January 9
Glenna in Plum Crazy
I've been wanting this style since it came out, but I was waiting to grab it in a new spring color, and it's almost that time!!  I wanted something in Plum Crazy so I decided this would be the perfect match.
Fringe Scarf in Jazzy Blooms
Campus Backpack in Jazzy Blooms
My laptop didn't fit in the old laptop backpack, so I'm hoping this one works out for me, and it's in my new favorite color!!
Little Hipster in Go Wild
Another style I've been dying to own, and I've known for awhile I wanted this color because I love leopard print!!
Grand Cosmetic in Jazzy Blooms
Flower Headband in Jazzy Blooms
I have to match my scarf!!
Hope this post isn't too long, I just wanted to include everything that was new!!  I will also have a special post tomorrow, so check back for some insider info!!
What are you most looking forward to?


  1. I missed the mirror cosmetic! :( I do like the grand cosmetic bc the large cosmetic does seem small lol

  2. Great Post! Have been looking forward to hearing more about the Spring line. Want to see the colors in person before I think about what to get--if anything. Also going to wait until later in the month when the new items in microfiber Black are introduced. I really need something that is black. My favorite purse right now is the Laura, so much can fit in it.

    Happy New Year!

  3. Vanessa-I also like that the grand cosmetic has a few pockets, and I'm hoping they will work for my makeup brushes.

    CH-I'm not sure how I feel about my Laura, I love the pockets but my straps seem to never stay on. Maybe I just need to play with it more? I know a lot of people are super elated that everything is coming out in Microfiber. There are so many launches coming in January and February, it's really hard to keep track of.

  4. Great post! I have all of my cosmetic bags in Very Berry Paisley and I'm so bummed that I won't be able to get a Grand Cosmetic to match! I also seem to have an obsession with wallets lately and can't wait for the Kiss n Snap!

  5. My makeup bag is very berry paisley also, but things seem to get lost and float around in there. I'm looking forward to a few organizational pockets.

  6. i have to get that scarf in jazzy blooms & possibly the headband!

  7. I'm worried it won't be long enough. The past scarf at Vera wasn't long enough to wear in different styles

  8. So do they not make the Mailbag in Jazzy Blooms, ive been wanting that one but the dont have Jazzy in thay style on the website....

  9. Steph-that means it's sold out and sometimes if a color is really popular, it takes FOREVER for it to come back in.