Monday, December 3, 2012

Vera Bradley Mailbag Review

I have found the perfect bag!!  When Vera released this new design earlier this fall, I was so set on getting it. After seeing it in person and reading a few reviews, I was worried the bag would be too long and bulky.  I wish I would have listened to that little voice inside my head, because I could have fallen in love a long time ago.  This is a great bag for every woman who loves being hands free, but needs to carry a little more than other bags will allow.

Mailbag in Very Berry Paisley
I was able to pick this beauty up on sale, another thing so exciting about this bag!!

The mailbag has a front flap, but this does not pose a problem when you need to get something out fast like a few other flaps I've used.

Under the flap you have 2 pockets, one specifically designed for a tablet/iPad, and a small pocket, which I find perfect for my keys or cell phone.  

(Empty small pocket)

I use the larger pocket for my kindle and coin purse.

(The tablet pocket empty, so you can see how big it is.)

You also have a HUGE zipper compartment.  This bag is like a hipster on steroids, but in a good way.  You can totally load this bag down, and it never feels heavy on my shoulders.

Still plenty of room to spare.  A few girls have even told me they use this bag for school!!

Another great feature of this bag is the zipper on the back. 

It's not very deep, but you can throw your keys, phone, or lipgloss in here when you need it quick.

Just for reference, this is everything I carry in my Mailbag.

Now I'm trying to narrow down what other print I want this bag in because I love it so much!!


  1. Great review, thanks! I really hope even more that I get one for Christmas :>. Sometimes the hipster is just a bit too small for me, so this would be perfect!

  2. I haven't looked at my hipsters since I got this, lol. I want another one so bad... in Ribbons!!

    What color do you want?

  3. Lol, my hipsters have been pushed aside lately for the Tall Zip Tote, an older style. I would like to have it in Indigo Pop.

  4. Indigo pop is so pretty in this bag.