Friday, December 7, 2012

Vera Bradley Summer 2013 Preview

We've all been anxiously awaiting the next in store preview and today was the lucky day.  Starting today, for the next 10 days, select Vera Bradley stores will be testing the upcoming Summer 2013 patterns.  We've all seen a few pics here and there, but everyone knows these bags look completely different in person.  I went in with one particular pattern on my mind, and I did end up loving that color, but another one caught my attention that I never thought would interest me.  So here it is, for your viewing pleasure, the Vera Bradley Summer 2013 patterns.

Vera Tote in Tutti Frutti
This was the color I had set in my mind that I was going to like the most out of all of them, and I was so right, I LOVE this color.  I'm so obsessed with it now.  The background is more minty green than most pictures show and those different colors just pop off the bag beautifully.  To me, this print reminds me more of spring, but I love it so it doesn't matter to me when it comes out. 

Inside of Tutti Frutti

Campus Backpack in Lily Bell
Pinks and orange with a touch of green on a white background.  I'm not crazy about white, I would be constantly paranoid about getting it dirty.

Inside of Lily Bell

Large Duffel in Marina Paisley
This print definitely reminds me of a marina.  This too, has a white background with plenty of blues, reds and yellow.

Inside of Marina Paisley

Laura in Sun Valley
This color is about to steal my heart.  Earlier pics did not do this bag justice at all.  The background is actually navy blue, I hope you can tell from this pic, because the orange, green and yellow pop off the navy so beautifully.  I'm debating about going back and getting something in this, because I'm starting to regret not getting anything like I did with Go Wild.

Inside of Sun Valley

The 4 colors were only available in select styles, the bag I chose was not a style I've ever been interested in, but I have so many of the others, I decided to go with something else.  The styles that were available were:

Hipsters in Marina Paisley and Lily Bell

Eloise in Marina Paisley

Eloise in Tutti Frutti

Vera Totes in Lily Bell and Sun Valley

Laura in Lily Bell

Medium Cosmetics in Marina Paisley and Lily Bell

Medium Cosmetics in Tutti Frutti and Sun Valley
(They also had the large cosmetics, but I don't think they had them in the smalls.)

Tablet Sleeves in Marina Paisley, Lily Bell, and Tutti Frutti

Turn Lock Wallets in Lily Bell and Tutti Frutti

Turn Lock Wallets in Sun Valley and Marina Paisley

Grand Traveler in Tutti Frutti

Euro Wallets in Sun Valley, Lily Bell, and Marina Paisley

My purchases, Laura in Tutti Frutti and the Euro Wallet in Tutti Frutti
So excited to get 2 items in my favorite pattern for Summer 2013, I've never been crazy about the Laura, but it seems practical for everyday use, and the pattern placement on this bag was gorgeous.

I hope you all enjoy these pics, I get to keep doing this because of all the love and support you guys show this page.  If you do not have a test store close to you, I would not recommend purchasing one of these off eBay.  They are outrageously overpriced, and you can save your money and get multiple items during the actual release.  If some of you are really interested, I can purchase items during the next preview and ship them to you at COST.  Now, I'm going to step down from my soap box, lol.

Let me know below what you guys think about these new additions!!


  1. Exciting, but not worth paying DOUBLE. :) I can't wait!

  2. I agree, I just like looking at all of the pictures. Next time you're getting something!!

  3. I absolutely love your pics! I think I'm going to make myself sick wanting Sun Valley. And Tutti Frutti is super cute!

  4. Thank you so much!! Sun valley is a beauty. And I think it's so different than what Vera would typically put out. I feel like it would be a great bag to wear with blue jeans. ;-)

  5. Omg I feel the same about Go Wild! I'm loving my new Sun Valley hipster. I thought I was gonna get Tutti Fruitti and when I saw them in person I just knew!

  6. Things always look different in person. Even both of my friends that went with me said Sun Valley was striking. Sigh, now to wait for summer, lol.

  7. Thanks so much for posting all the pics!! I enjoyed seeing them...not sure about the colors. I'm not really into white, as I am also afraid it would get dirty, so that cuts out half the colors. I'll have to see in person! I didn't really like any of the fall 2012 patterns in pictures, but in person I liked 3 of them :>.

  8. I always do that. I cannot tell you how many bags I own in colors I started out hating. They just grow on you.

  9. I loooove the inside of Tutti Frutti. That usually means I try to find something that shows of the inside a ton, like a tote or strap wallet. I'm also a sucker for any blue pattern and that Sun Valley looks pretty cool. Wish I had a store near me!!

  10. Tutti Frutti is my new obsession. I'm already planing a bunch of things that I want to purchase on the release date. I'm totally grabbing something in Sun Valley as well.

  11. Your pics were really great! Love the Marina Paisley. Do you know what color is the lining for the Turnlock Wallet? Funny what you said about the Laura bag, I just love it! Not planning on buying anything in the Spring colors but looking forward to the release of the Summer patterns!


  12. I love Tutti Frutti! I love the mint green background. Loved the mint green in Lemon Parfait, but LP was too busy looking for my taste. Am getting a Vera in Tutti Frutti - can't wait for this one to arrive! I'd be in trouble if I lived closer to a sig store.....the closest to me is DE (over 3.5 hours away!) I do like Lilly Bell as well, it is very much like Folkloric, the repeating flower scheme and similar colors (pink/orange). Can't wait to see what they'll have for Winter 2013!

  13. The only wallet I opened was Tutti Frutti and the inside of that one is pink. I'm sorry :-( now I know next time to take pics of those also. How long have you had your Laura? You don't like anything in Spring?

    Jen-I'm wondering if they'll do 6 patterns for fall again. It's hard to keep up because they are always changing up how they do things, lol. I really hope the phone cases and throw blankets will be a permanent addition. They're wonderful and I would like to see them in spring and summer colors as well.

  14. Thank you for posting all these pics for us to enjoy!!! I'm really looking forward to Tutti Frutti. I also really like Marina Paisley but all the white in the lining is really turning me off because I know I'll be freaking out if it gets dirty.

  15. You're so welcome!! I know not everyone lives close to a store, and I really wanted the opinion of obsessed ladies like myself. (White is a turn off for me too, I didn't even think about purchasing one of these.)

  16. I don't get the problem with a white background white does not bother me at all I spray all my bags with Scotchgard fabric protector or I'm just very careful but my bags don't get dirty because I own so many and switch them out a lot

  17. these are definitely going to hurt my wallet ...I LOVE ALL OF THEM <33 !

  18. Em, I need to save up for everything in Tutti Frutti and a little something in Sun Valley.

  19. Sarah!! I am going to be so broke it isn't even funny. I need like 4 things in Marina Paisley...I really like Sun Valley even though it isn't the most appealing colors it somehow stands out as really nice to me !! Tutti Frutti and Lily Bell are just plain cute !!!!!!!! O jeeeezuss

  20. That's ok!! We'll all be eating ramen together!!

  21. I want a Convertible Crossbody(Jazzy Blooms or Midnight Blues???),Kiss 'N Snap WalletJazzy Blooms or Midnight Blues???), Colorful Hair Clips, and Fabric Journal in Midnight Blues.

    I Love Lily Bell for Summer 2013

  22. jazzy blooms was my least favorite originally but now I really like it !

  23. corrections Midnight Blues was my least favorite ! but now its really growing on me !

  24. Sounds like everyone has a great list!!

  25. I had a friend pick up the tote for me in Marina Paisley. Haven't broken it out as of yet. Out of the current release, Midnight Blues is my favorite and will be the death of my wallet!

  26. Ah why haven't you used the marina paisley? It's cool having stuff before everyone lol.