Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Future Retirement??

Yesterday we talked all about the new colors and styles arriving January 9, but anytime something new comes out it means we have to say goodbye to a few things we love, and some of those goodbyes are heartbreaking.  I have to admit while doing some research for this post, my mouth fell open, more than once!! 

Get your tissues ready because it looks like these patterns are about to start their farewell tour.
Priscilla Pink

Ellie Blue

A few people have asked how I know this information and the answer is, I don't know for sure, but none of the new styles are being made in these 3 colors.  That's usually a good indicator that a color is about to hit the road. 
The following styles are not being made in any of the new spring colors, so this leads me to believe they will also be hitting the Vera retirement home.  Get ready for the jaw droppers!!  (But remember how they punk'd us with the Campus Tote?  Maybe sometimes they just can't make up their minds.)
While I am fond of this bag, I was completely taken aback by this retirement.  You may remember from my review that this bag is not every day functional.  Maybe Vera is going to add a few improvements and re-release this baby in an upcoming season. (Fingers crossed)
Baby Bag
With the new number of baby bags in the Vera catalog, it's no surprise they are retiring one.
Frame Bag
Leather Trim Items
We knew these were anniversary items, so again, no surpise here.  To be honest the leather on these bags doesn't even seem real to me, it feels so plasticky.  Any opinions?
Go Round Tote
MY MOUTH FELL OPEN, and stayed there.  I have always wanted this bag and somehow always wind up leaving without it.  I know several ladies that love this bag, and I always see girls carrying it around campus.  I really hope this is a redesign, but hey, look at the bright side, we can grab it on sale!!
Garment Bag
A store associate told me that they hardly ever sell these.
Laptop Travel Tote
I was shocked by this one also.  I always see people buying this whenever I'm shopping at Vera, and I even saw a lady right before Christmas leave the store with 3.  Maybe that new large laptop tote is taking its place.
Mini Laptop Case
I have never seen anyone buy this or carry it.  I haven't seen anyone with the large one either, so I'm not sure why they're keeping that one around either.
Tech Items
I was probably shocked the most at these tech items that are not being made in any of the new colors. 
iPhone 5 Case
I am so sad about this one because I was so looking forward to getting a Plum Crazy or Jazzy Blooms case.
Snap On Case for iPhone 4/4S
I really do not understand why they aren't making these.  They are so popular they sometimes sell out of them.
Hardshell Case
Snap On Case for iPad
These just came out, maybe they were just a holiday item?

Medium & Small eBook Covers
WHAT?! I love my ebook cover, but I know they've had a lot of complaints that the magnet was just in the wrapper, so perhaps they are adding some type of closure.
Clip Light
I love my clip light, they are awesome and perfect to match with your case.  Bummer to see these go.
What possible retirement took you by surprise?


  1. I can't believe they might retire Camellia. It is such a wonderful pattern and so neutral. I like it with both my browns and blacks. I will definitely buy if this goes on sale.

    On another note when do you start carrying your spring bag?

    Last year I bought Camellia in late January and liked it so much I started carrying it in January.

  2. They are probably going to release a new pattern to take Camellia's place. They just seem to be pumping out the patterns lately so fast, it's hard to keep up. I really don't follow those spring/winter rules. Usually when I get a new bag I'm too excited to wait to carry it. I know next Wednesday will be no exception!!

  3. The leather trim bags will be made again this season. Midnight Blues is going to have a yellow leather trim, but I cant remember the others. Ellie Blue, Camellia and Priscilla Pink retire on Feb 28th. They sure do flip some of these colors fast!

  4. But this Barbara style, and the wristlet will not. I saw the spring and summer source book this past weekend. ;-)

  5. The turn lock wallet with leather actually looked pretty cute. I don't typically like leather, but I like anything in Tutti Frutti.

  6. I spotted an Abby in Plum Crazy in the preview video (http://insidestitch.com/2013/01/01/a-closer-look-plum-crazy/), so it's strange that it isn't on the website!

  7. That is weird!! Maybe they decided after that to retire it? Who knows what they think, especially after that entire campus tote fiasco. Maybe they didn't like the way it looked or something.

    Did you see the new kiss n snap wallet? It's bigger than I thought.

  8. And in the midnight blues one it showed a Barbara bag and that's not coming out in new colors either!! Maybe they're trying to trick us!!

  9. Yeah, the whole Campus Tote thing really messed with us!! I just got an Abby in Ribbons a few weeks ago but I was considering one in Jazzy Blooms... I guess now I don't have that option! Oh wells. I did see the new wallet! The dimensions are very comparable to the retired Clutch Wallet (which is my absolute favorite). I'm now sure how I feel about the "snap" part of it, but I do love kiss lock closures! I think if I like it in person, I may get one in Jazzy Blooms :) Oh and that's right, I did see the Barbara bag in several of the videos... what the heck Vera Bradley?? lol

    1. Oops, I meant I'm "not" sure about the snap part of the new wallet. I think I'm getting too tired to type...lol

  10. I wonder if cell phones fit in that new wallet.

  11. Oh my goodness, Vera is so confusing. Today's video for Go Wild shows a Frame Bag in Go Wild! So confused... lol

  12. I haven't watched that one yet I'm going to have to catch it!!

  13. Garment bags are actually extremely popular, they are just coming out with a redesign, same with many of the tech items.

  14. Good because I'm going to need a phone case!! Lol.

  15. I took a quick trip today to my local Vera retailer (not a Vera store, just a "dealer") and I noticed that they had both the frame bag and go-round tote for 25% off (also not sold in any of the new patterns). However, the small, medium, and large cosmetic bags were also 25% off--but they were all being sold in the new patterns. The cosmetic bags being on sale threw me off, but I'm thinking that the cosmetic bags were part of a promotion for the store itself (they do have their own promotions and coupons every now and then) and the other two were put on sale early in lieu of retirement. I didn't have the time to see if they had the other items on your list on sale, but I'll keep my eye out next time!

    I'm not too sad about the frame bag. I think it's rather overpriced ($94?!) considering it's not too big, nor does it have many bells and whistles to speak of.

  16. I noticed another private retailer here at all the recent retirements on sale before thanksgiving. I guess they can do whatever they want, lol. I really a go round tote but idk what color yet.

  17. I was just in the Vera Bradley store in Long Island, they have the iPhone 5 case in Plum crazy, which I'm totally picking up tomorrow...maybe they're just not available online?

  18. After I wrote this post I found out a few stores were testing them. I spoke to the ladies at my local Vera store and they said sometimes if they aren't sure about a product they'll test it with a limited release. I'm not sure why they would test something they already have out like the phone cases, especially when everywhere I go I see someone with a Vera case. I'm just glad they're coming back because I want one!!