Thursday, January 17, 2013

Vera Bradley Handmade Necklace

I was recently introduced to Etsy through a friend and I am in love!!  It's a shopping site for unique and handmade things, anything from jewelry to clothes.  I came across these adorable necklaces with Vera Bradley prints inside, and I had to have one!!  I have a few Vera Bradley bangles, and I thought these would be so perfect with the bangles.

You have your choice of gold or silver, and the prints available are Go Wild, 

and Provencal. 

I decided to go with Go Wild in gold because later on this year Vera will release more bangles and Go Wild just happens to be gold, I can not wait to wear these together soon!!

Such a great surprise to open the mailbox and find a tiny package inside!!

Perfect to wear while carrying around my Go Wild bag.

I'm definitely going to order another necklace in Provencal and maybe there will be more prints soon!!  These are a great deal at $10 each!!  If you want to grab your own head on over to Etsy and look for the seller DixieFlair, she's awesome!!

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