Thursday, January 10, 2013

Vera Bradley Spring 2013 is here!!

It seemed like the Spring launch would never get here, but the new patterns are finally in bloom and are so GORGEOUS!!

Beautiful window display at my local Vera Bradley store.  I seriously just wanted one of everything!!

Jazzy Blooms display, SO PRETTY!  These colors are so bright, Spring has never looked so good!!

Midnight Blues display, for all of you blue lovers out there, this pattern has practically every shade of blue.  Haha, 50 shades of blue!!

New Convertible Crossbody in Plum Crazy

Little Flap Hipster in Plum Crazy and Go Wild
I wasn't really a fan of this bag when I saw the first few pictures of it, but in person it is much cuter and seems much more functional.

Make A Change Baby Bag in Go Wild
I don't have a baby, but if I did I would be all over this baby bag!!  This is so cute, and it seems it would be great with a boy or a girl.

Convertible Baby Bag in Black Microfiber
Go Wild looks amazing with the microfiber line.  Almost tempted to get something...

Saddle Up in Midnight Blues

New Petite Tote next to a Tote for a size comparison.
This "Petite" Tote is so tiny, I really don't see anyone using it except little girls.  I really wish they would release this bag in a larger version because I love the zipper and outside pocket, and I still can not believe they retired the East West Tote.

Campus Backpack in Jazzy Blooms and the new Laptop Backpack in Midnight Blues
To my surprise the new Laptop Backpack fits larger laptops!! Wink, wink!!

Our favorite stationary in Spring colors

Caroline in Jazzy Blooms and Edie Satchel in Go Wild

Stay Cooler in Go Wild and Lunch Tote in Plum Crazy
They brought the cooler back!!  This is awesome because I love my cooler, but now that the new one is taller, I may have to make a trade.

My friend exchanged a christmas present and scored this new Laptop Backpack and let me use the rest of her credit for a new Kiss 'n Snap wallet in Plum Crazy.  Yes, she's my best friend, haha.  Always love getting the cookie and water Vera hands out during a new release.

The Prize Table
This launch's drawing was for a Weekender, Convertible Crossbody and Grand Cosmetic, in the color of your choice, and guess who won...

ME!!  I am so excited!!  I got a phone call today at my office, and I just couldn't believe it. 

My Winnings
Weekender in Jazzy Blooms, Convertible Crossbody in Plum Crazy and Grand Cosmetic in Jazzy Blooms
It looks like the back of my car exploded in Spring colors, lol.

Weekender in Jazzy Blooms
I love my new weekender, I have the old one, so I'm excited to see how the new style compares.

Grand Cosmetic in Jazzy Blooms
I have been dying to own this bag since I first heard of its upcoming release.

This Spring release was such a blast, I don't see how any other launch could top it, until Summer that is, lol.  ;-)

What did you guys pick up at the new release party?


  1. In Go Wild:
    Kiss n snap wallet
    fringe scarf
    throw blanket
    Little hipster
    QVC TSV (travel bag and slim cosmetic)

    In Midnight blues:
    Kiss n snap wallet

    In Plum Crazy:
    Kiss n snap wallet

  2. Looks like you love the kiss n snap!! I love mine too!!