Monday, January 14, 2013

Vera Bradley Two Way Tote Review

Since I haven't reviewed anything in quite some time, I decided to pick one of my new favorite bags, the Two Way Tote.  I love my cross body bags, and sometimes you just need a little extra space, so Vera decided to release a mash up.  Not only can you fit everything you would carry in a tote, you can drape it across your body when you need both hands!!

My Two Way Tote in English Rose
This bag includes an adjustable strap and handles.
Let's just talk about the pattern for a minute, because when I was first introduced to this color I was not crazy about it.  But in person, there are so many colors embedded into this beautiful print.  There is a little of blue, purple, pink and orange on a dark brown background.

Inside print of English Rose
I think this is adorable!!

When I first purchased this bag, I thought there was no way I would ever use these handles.  I have to say, I use them just as much as I use the adjustable strap.  It is so convenient to just grab these handy handles when getting out of the car, or picking up your purse to head out.  Sometimes I just use these handles to carry the bag for short outings.

The strap can be used across your body, or on your shoulder.  The strap clips on to each side, and can be taken off completely if you just want to carry the bag with your hands.

Silver Hardware

Magnetic Closure
While I would prefer a zipper, this magnet totally works.  Nothing comes out and the magnet is extremely secure, there's no way a hand or anything could fit inside if you were out and about.

Here you have 3 slip pockets

Zipper Pocket

How everything looks inside of my bag.

Everything I carry inside of my Two Way Tote.

I can definitely see myself grabbing this bag in a future pattern because I love it so much.  It's a great bag with so much versatility, I carried it for 2 weeks straight and I never do that.

Do you have a new favorite bag?  Tell me all about it!!


  1. Thanks for the review. There are a number of bags I want to look at including this one. Right now I carry the Laura but maybe I will go for Two-Way Tote or the new Convertible Tote for the summer.

  2. Angela- I keep pushing back getting a Glenna. Idk what I can't commit. Maybe Tutti Frutti?

    CH- I gave the convertible cross body I won to my friend, and now I'm dying to have one!! I want one in midnight blues!!

  3. Oh, it's going to rock in TF! Whenever you get it, you are going to LOVE it!!

  4. I want everything in Tutti Frutti!!

  5. I absolutaly love the Eloise bag!! I have it in happy snails and it is so easy to get into...especially with a baby on my hip...hes 2 actually...i dont need to carry a diaper bag because a diaper and wipes fits perfect in the bag...its stays open and doesnt flop around so i can even juglle baby grocerys and car keys with it no problem at all! second fav is the alice bag although it isnt as easy to get in and out of...a little floppy. i love the frame bags...i have the alice bag in baroque so awesome!! im still saving to the provencal and i want it in a frame or chain bag :) I wish i could get that style in symphony hue!

    1. Eloise is a great bag. I really need to update these reviews because I've discovered a few new gems!!

  6. Hi! Thanks for the review! This bag look pretty sweet!
    I have a 10 inch netbook and I was thinking about purchasing this tote to carry it to class in, when I don't feel like lugging my big bookbag around. Do you think the two way tote will work?