Thursday, August 9, 2012

Hipster Review

In honor of my amazing purchase last night, which I still feel was a steal, I decided to review the ever popular Hipster bag, especially since I now own 2.  I have grown really fond of this bag.  It's perfect for so many different occasions like shopping, sport events, going to work, catching a movie, I even took mine to the casino.  If you are looking for a great bag to carry a few everday items, this is the bag for you!!

My 2 loves!!  Hipster in Lime's Up and Indigo Pop

This bag has an outside pocket that extends to the bottom of the bag, I usually put my cell phone here, or sometimes my keys depending on where I am.  I have to admit this is not the most secure place for your phone, you might want to try one of the others depending on your surroundings.

I call this my, "secret front pocket."  Obviously it's not a secret since it's on the front of the bag, LOL, but it's more secure than the pocket above it.  My iPhone does not fit in here easily, I feel like it's too bulky.  If you have a smaller phone this might be a better fit for you.  I usually put my lipgloss in here for easy access.

The Hipster has a zipper pocket on the back.  This pocket is not as deep as the others, but it fits your larger phone PERFECTLY!!  This pocket is definitely more secure for important items.  It is a zipper closure, but still easily accessible to retrieve your phone or keys or whatever you decide to put here.

This bag has 3 interior pockets, that's it, very simple!!  I use these pockets for my zip ID, gum, and headphones or anything else small I might need that day.  The main compartment can hold a lot, but I would not recommend over stuffing this bag because then the shape fits weird against your body.  I use this bag when my stuff will not fit in my Frannie.

E Reader sleeve in Very Berry Paisley, small kisslock wallet in Indigo Pop, zip ID case in Viva La Vera, gum, LOL, the larger bag from the cosmetic trio in Summer cottage

What I carry in a normal day. I can fit my Kindle, wallet, makeup bag, zip ID, and some gum.  The essentials but not enough to load down the bag. 

What all do you keep in your bag? Send us a pic, we'd love to see it!!

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