Friday, August 17, 2012

Vera Bradley Spring 2013 Preview

Starting today, for the next 10 days, select Vera Bradley stores are previewing the new Spring 2013 patterns.  I have been dying to go to one of these since I first became interested in the brand and tonight was finally my lucky night!!  I always had this misconception that these previews must be top secret, and only for the fans on the inside, but I was so wrong.  As soon as we walked into the store, we were greeted and informed of all the new colors.  The new patterns are only available in select styles, but still worth the trip.  This time around they had the standard tote, Laura, Eloise, the large duffel, hipster, a few weekenders, grand travelers, most of the wallets, and the cosmetic bags.  If you get a chance to go, take it, all patterns look completely different in person.  Call around to your local stores and ask who has the previews because it's usually just one store in your area. 

Go Wild 

Eloise in Go Wild
This is a very cute print, and I know plenty of ladies are going to love the leopard print.  (My mom has already fallen in love with this one.)

Midnight Blues
Eloise in Midnight Blue
This one is for all the blue lovers out there.  Great shades of blue with a few accent colors.  Extremely floral!!

Plum Crazy
Plum Crazy
The name says it all!!  I like all the different colors in this bag.  I thought this was going to be my favorite new color, but I was very surprised by what caught my eye.  I'm sure I'll be getting a little something in this print!!

Jazzy Blooms
Eloise in Jazzy Blooms

My favorite new print for Spring 2013!!  I was so surprised, but as soon I saw it, I fell in love.  The way the colors pop off the gray background is beautiful and perfect for spring time. 

Other Beautiful Totes...

Laura in a few new prints

Tote in Plum Crazy

Tote in Go Wild

Gorgeous hipsters coming soon...
Midnight Blue & Plum Crazy

Go Wild & Jazzy Blooms

The Go Wild is so cute in this bag, and the Jazzy Blooms is BEAUTIFUL!!  It's amazing I made it out of the store without this bag.

Large Duffel in Go Wild

This was the only duffel I saw in the new prints, but they did have a few weekenders and grand travelers.

What print are you most looking forward to?


  1. I wasn't sure about that go wild at first, but it's really starting to grow on me!!

  2. My favorites are Plum Crazy and Jazzy Blooms. Only really like Provençal out of the fall colors. Really excited for the spring release!

  3. Is it just me, or does spring seem so far away?

  4. That go wild has captured a special place in my heart...

  5. Spring does seem far away! Like the Go Wild as well, but I try to steer clear of prints with a white background :>.

  6. I told myself I would do the same after my Lime's Up purchase, but this one is so unique. Maybe I can get a little accessory that would way it would stay cleaner.

  7. That's a good idea. I find that my makeup bags somehow stay cleaner than anything else. The wallets have been the most beaten up things and an older crossbody purse in Java Blue. After a tip from my aunt, I've started lightly spraying my Vera in Scotch Guard to help things stay cleaner. It really has worked with my wristlets and other items. I've been buying the wristlets lately instead of wallets.

  8. Do your Lime's Up item(s) get stuff on them easily?

  9. I got my first wristlet and I love it!! I love the card slots and everything. My lime's up is blue on the back from my jeans :-( the rest of it is very clean and the back is not that noticeable, but I know it's there and I'm very OCD with my bags, lol!!

  10. I got a turn lock wallet in go wild and a tote in go wild! Love the leopard print and I'm now using my new go wild wallet with my black microfiber go round tote!

  11. I bet that wallet looks great with your new microfiber tote. I really regret not getting anything in go wild, but I'm going to make up for that come spring time!! ;-)

  12. I didn't like go wild at first, but after I left the store I was dying for it, and of course now I have to wait until Jan. 9. It looks much better in person, and I wear so much leopard print, so I'm excited for it!! I wasn't crazy about midnight blues, but it's growing on me for sure.