Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Vera Bradley Large Duffel Review

It's the time of year where kids are going back to college and people are still taking their summer vacations, and the holidays are right around the corner, which means traveling from place to place to celebrate the holidays with everyone you love.  Packing can be very taxing especially when your suitcase limits your choices.  Every girl needs a good bag whether it be for an overnight trip, a weekend getaway or a week long trip to visit the relatives.  If you find yourself in need of such a bag, conside the large duffel.  You can't go wrong with its classic shape and you know when it comes to functionality, Vera has you covered!!

Large Duffel in Very Berry Paisley (my all time favorite pattern)
The large duffel is a very versatile bag that has a zipper closure, keeping all of your items inside secure.  If you're wanting a bag to take to the gym, or the pool, this might be a little too big for you.  I used this bag on a 5 day trip to Seattle and was able to fit all of my clothes inside, (and I usually change clothes twice a day) shoes, my hanging organizer and everything I brought back with me.

Inside view
The inside of this bag has no pockets!!  This is probably the only change I would like made to this bag.  I would not recommend putting small things in this bag because the compartment just swallows them. 

Outside pocket
The only pocket this bag does have is on the outside.  This pocket is very deep, I used this for a book and a few magazines.  It's not a very secure pocket so I would not recommend putting anything of value in here like a cell phone or boarding pass.

Depth of the outside pocket

For my move I was able to load 6 large towels, 4 hand towels, and a few face towels.

If you ladies ever want to see something reviewed, just let us know!!


  1. Great post! I love your blog! One question for you - Have you ever used your large duffel as a carry-on when flying? I just bought my first large duffel (in Indigo Pop, my current favorite color!), and I really want to use it as a carry-on, but am a little worried about the size! Thanks for any help :)

    1. Yes I have. On my trip to Seattle I carried my large duffel because I was terrified to check it and get it back torn or dirty. It fit in the overhead compartment perfectly. The flight attendant even complimented my bag, lol. I also took my weekender as my "personal item," and it fit under the seat in front of me.

      I love indigo pop too!!

    2. Awesome, thanks so much!! I am obsessed with Indigo Pop - I have the Campus Backpack in Indigo Pop to use as my personal item when I travel to match my Large Duffel :)

  2. I think my new obsession will be Provencal