Monday, August 20, 2012

New fall colors and styles on

As August 30 draws near, I've been checking every morning for a sign of the new colors and styles, and today was like Christmas morning!!  The 2nd half of the Fall 2012 colors are now posted online along with several new styles, a few we've known about and a few new styles that have definitely caught my eye.  I already know that I will own something in Provencal and Canyon, now the battle is what styles to pick.

NEW Patterns:


My favorite color in this release.  These colors bounce off this golden background beautifully and I cannot wait to see it in person.  This pattern may be coming out in fall, but I think this will be adorable in spring and summer also.


I've heard a few people say they weren't crazy about the brown, but I think it will work great with a lot of people's wardrobes.  The browns are more neutral and easier to match with everyday clothes than some of the more vibrant colors.  I also love the little hearts mixed in the design.

Portobello Road

The first thing I think of when I see this pattern is Watercolor.  I may not be crazy about this pattern, but I know a lot of people that will.

It also looks like Vera is expanding what I'm guessing is their microfiber line.  Several of our favorite bags and accesories are coming out in this line like the Go Round Tote.

There are several new styles coming, and a few redesigns like the Saddle Up and the Weekender.  There are now a few different baby bags to choose from, I don't have any children, but I know several ladies that will love the new choices.  It looks like the bedding and school items will not be making an apperance in the new colors.

Cassidy in Provencal
This new style caught my attention immediately.  This looks like a great little handbag that could be used for a night out.  It is also in the microfiber colors.

So now that we finally get to see the new colors, on a computer screen at least, I can only think about my shopping list for the upcoming release.

Abby in Provencal
I've been wanting this bag for awhile, and now that I see it in this print, I know I must own this bag!!

Saddle Up in Canyon
I'm pretty excited about this redesign.  I was never a fan of the previous Saddle Up, but I do love a good crossbody bag.  The removal of the pleats makes for a more attractive bag to me and this bag makes Canyon look like a winner.

Medium ebook cover in Provencal
Ever since Vera released the new ebook cases, I've been dying to get one.  Being able to leave my Kindle in this case while reading is a big step up from the ereader sleeve, and of course I want to get this in my new favoite color!!

10 more days until August 30th...


  1. Love the Provençal as well :>. Picked up one in the newer messenger bag yesterday.

  2. I love this color!! It looks even better in person. How are you liking your new bag?

  3. Thanks for asking - I haven't had the chance to use it yet. Will post a reply with my feedback soon. I'm sure the bag will be great :>.

  4. What are you going to be using it for? I'm looking for the perfect school bag, and I'm having a little trouble finding one that fits my needs.

  5. I'm planning to use it to haul my computer back and forth to work. I haven't tried to fit my work laptop in it, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed. Have been using the attaché for that purpose, which I'm in love with!!

  6. Yea I returned my messenger bc of my laptop. It fit ok but if my laptop was in there nothing else would fit :-/