Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Vera Bradley Vera XL Tote Review

I love this tote!!  I searched for a long time for the perfect school bag and this is it!!  I can fit everything I need for school in this bag, along with my 15'' laptop.  I even use this bag as an overnight bag, or when I just need to take a change of clothes somewhere.  Mother's use this bag as a diaper bag, and plenty of ladies use this tote to carry on all the essentials for a long flight.  This is a must for any Vera collection.

My Vera XL Tote in Symphony in Hue. (One of my favorite patterns!!) 
On the front this bag has a huge slip pocket that can fit my entire hand and then some. 
This bag's outside slip pocket also has a key clip which comes in handy.  You can clip your keys, or zip ID, or maybe a lanyard, and feel safe in knowing your keys aren't going anywhere.  I know most of the other totes do not have this feature, so this is a little bonus for anyone looking for something different.
There is also a zipper pocket on the back of this bag.  I know some people prefer a zipper pocket and some prefer a slip pocket, so this is a great choice for either of those groups because it can appeal to both.
This is also a a very deep pocket.  I usually put my phone in here and zip it up, mainly so I'm not tempted to slip my phone out in the middle of class.
This tote has a toggle closure, but don't let this discourage you.  It may not be a zipper, but there is no way my school stuff could fall out if this bag were to tip over.  If you were going to carry smaller items in this bag, the absent zipper may be an issue.
Padded straps!!  I think one of the main reasons this bag works for my school things is because I can load it down, and I don't have a problem carrying it around.  The padded straps make carrying all of your stuff much easier, and I feel the straps plus the hard base at the bottom of the bag distributes the weight to where it isn't all on your shoulder.
Inside you have a HUGE main compartment and 6 interior pockets.  The 2 pockets in the middle on either side are larger, and the other 4 outlining pockets are slimmer but are the same depth.
You could easily fit a graphing calculator, a planner, or even a novel inside the 2 larger pockets. 
The slimmer pockets would work great for pens, pencils, or anything a bit skinner than your other items.  I find these pockets work great for my index cards, and hand sanitizer.
Some of my school items.  My big heavy book, folder, notebook, pen bag, and tech organizer.  On some occasions I throw my laptop in here and that added weight does not pose a problem.
I was thinking about using my Miller bag for school but the fact that this bag is upright makes it easier to find things in a pinch.
Do you have a Vera XL tote, and what do you use it for?  Is there another Vera bag that makes your school life a breeze?  Let us know all about it we love hearing from you guys!!



  1. I'm getting one on Saturday! I want one in Ribbons and I'm holding out for the free coin purse. I'm a teacher and I thought the Vera might work for that but wasn't sure. Your review convinced me!

  2. Oh yea!! I think this bag will be perfect for you, and everyone loves a freebie. It's good to hear people enjoy my reviews. Can't wait to see your new bag!! ;-)