Saturday, October 13, 2012

Great Vera Bradley Craft Idea

One of our favorite people, Angela, sent in this great idea for Vera Bradley magnets!!  So creative, and I can not wait to try and make my own.

You need mod podge, x-acto knives, glass vase fillers, craft magnets, hot glue gun and glue, and Vera Bradley Pocket Papers.
(Here's a picture of the pocket papers, in case you wanted to go look for some)
Take the glass and find one that covers the design well.
Coat the glass with a thin layer of mod podge and place it on the Vera design.
After letting it sit a bit, cut off excess paper.
Give the back a coat of mod podge to seal the design. When that is dry, glue the magnet to the back and bam...
A Vera Bradley magnet!
This is such an adorable and creative idea, I'm so excited to try it on my own.



  1. I looked through the pocket papers tonight and I think the 3 latest fall colors would make great magnets!

  2. I agree with you!! Although those elephants on boysenberry are really cute. And the little tent on island blooms.

  3. VBP, too! There are several so out online that I wish I new what their little doodle is. I bet my napkins will work, too. I will try.

  4. Good idea!! My mom was like, "use the napkins!!"

  5. It was easy to do and turned out so cute!! I need to post a pic of mine!!