Thursday, October 11, 2012

Cooking with Vera...In Stores Now!!

Today was the launch of Cooking with Vera, you can now pick up all these great items in store, or online.
My local Vera Bradley store was having a little party, so I decided to go and check out all of the new items.  We had a blast and I was able to gather so much information, not just on these items but on upcoming releases as well. (I'll post the spring scoop soon!!) Hope you enjoy!!
Cookin' with Vera in Dogwood

This is a cute little recipe holder perfect for any kitchen.  (The store only had 2 left!!)
Inside are recipes from the Bradley family and friends, all organized with tabs on the side.
There are even blank cards for you to add your own secret family recipes.
Potholders in English Rose

So cute! (This was also a chance to see the last 2 winter patterns in person, and English Rose is so pretty!!)

Close up!!
Potholders in Portobello Road.  These kitchen accessories are avaliable in the Fall phase 2 and winter patterns.
Birdie Tea Towels
We actually got an interesting back story on why Vera uses a lot of birds on things.  Barbara Bradley Baekgaard's nickname is Birdie, therefore, they are incorporated into a lot of the patterns.
Tea Towels in Dogwood and Portobello Road
Tea Towel in English Rose
What's Cookin' Apron in Canyon
I WANT ONE OF THESE!!!  These are so adorable, and the box, have you ever seen packaging cuter than this?
Back of the apron box
And what would no Vera Bradley party be complete without?
Winter Cookies
English Rose
Ribbons (My favorite)
My store held a drawing for an apron and tea towel in English Rose.
I didn't win :-(
Every guest that entered the store was greeted with a secret surprise that was worth anywhere from $5 to $50!!
I got $10 and my friend got $5, so we used mine and saved hers.
Every guest was also given a special recipe card with 3 recipes on the front and blank cards on the back.  I can not wait to try the giant chocolate chip cookie recipe.

My goodies for the night!! Blanket in Provencal, Pocket Stickies in Provencal, and mints in Ribbons and Very Berry Paisley.

Pocket Stickies
I'm going to stick these on everything!!
I had such a blast, and now I'm counting down to November 2!!




  1. I love it!!! You got more mints! So jelly. I love your pocket stickies. Are you going to make a magnet? ;) I have to get a blanket for my birthday. I need it.

  2. I sure did!! I got the ribbons mints for myself and the very berry ones for someone special ;-)!! I am going to try the magnet thing, hope you don't mind!! The blankets are so soft!!

  3. Psh, make magnets! I got the glass beads at the Dollar Tree. They are bigger than others I have seen. I want more papers and stickies for more magnets.

  4. fabulous..what a great blog that you have shared specially the ideas that you have its so helpful

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  5. Thank you Nancy!! It's so nice to get positive feedback. It makes all my hard work worth it. ;-)

  6. Yay! I'm glad you got the Throw Blanket, it is sooo soft!! How are you liking your new items?

  7. I love my blanket!! I can't believe I waited this long to get it! I have slept with it every night since I got it, lol.

  8. Do you sell any of these items? I've been looking for the Provencal throw blanket everywhere!

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