Sunday, October 14, 2012

I almost forgot to tell you...

I won the grand prize from the Cookin' with Vera launch!!  Apparently when I left the store, they were not done with the drawings, so later that night I got a phone call saying I won their grand prize which was...

A $100 gift card!!  I felt so silly on the phone when they called me.  I start screaming, and kept asking, "are you serious?"  I've never won anything before, so you can imagine how I felt.  I told them I would be there the next day to pick it up, and immediately began shopping in my mind. 

When I entered the store I was given another "surprise" coupon and guess what I got...

$25 off my purchase!!  The good luck struck again!!  I couldn't believe it.  The store associate just laughed, I actually squealed a little.  My friend had also given me another $20 coupon that she wasn't going to use so I felt so Vera rich, lol.  I spent the next hour decided on what to get.  A few people told me to save my gift card, but my coupons had an expiration date and my gift card was free so I just wanted to splurge a little on myself!!

I picked up a Cassidy in Portobello Road and an On the Go in Mocha Rouge.  (The blanket is already mine)

Cassidy in Portobello Road

On the Go in Mocha Rouge

My friend received a $5 surprise, so she got the Euro Wallet in Canyon.  The Hatbox Cosmetic and All in One Wristlet in Island Blooms is my sister's, who also had a $5 coupon.

Winning something Vera feels spectacular, and I never imagined I would win $100!!  I would have been happy with a lanyard, lol.  I know one thing for sure, I will be signing up for every Vera drawing I see from now on!!


  1. I still can't believe it!!! We have Vera luck!!!! CONGRATS!!!!!

  2. I know!! I'm ready for the next party!!

  3. Congrats!! Please let me know how you like the On the Go, as it may be on my wishlist :>.

  4. I love the on the go and I've only been carrying it a few days. It's better than a Clare and that's one of my no. 1 crossbody bags. I can not wait to review it.