Monday, October 15, 2012

Vera Bradley Saddle Up Review

After reviewing my top 10 post, I realized I needed to catch up with the reviews!!  I chose the Saddle Up because this is a new revamp and there are several things I feel you ladies need to know before purchasing this bag.

Saddle Up in Canyon (and my cute little Bloom Keychain also in Canyon)
I have heard so many different opinions on this redesign, both positive and negative.  I do not have the old Saddle Up, but I have interviewed several ladies that do, and I asked their opinions, and I am including those in this review.  I personally love that Vera removed the pleats, and fans of the old version are indifferent.  The number one complaint about this redesign is the removal of the silver ring.  I could see where the ring would help with opening the bag, and keeping your hands off the fabric if you have a lighter color.  I was also told that the ring helped keep the flap closed, several people have said the new design's flap is flimsy and will not stay closed.  I have not personally experienced this problem, but only time will tell.  I was disappointed with the size of the bag.  The new Saddle Up is a tad smaller than the old one, but I can fit more in my Clare than I can this bag.  The bag looks like it can fit a lot, but once you start loading your things in, the inside is clearly tiny.  If you overload this bag it bulks out and the outside pockets become useless and the flap will not stay closed because the magnets will not meet.

Behind the flap there are 2 large pockets.  This is the perfect place for your phone or something else flat.  I have discovered that if you place anything bulky in here, the flap will not close.  Lipgloss would also be a perfect fit in here.

I think keys would be too bulky in either of these front pockets.

Depth of the front pockets.

A new feature to this bag is the zipper on the back.  This is a positive change, everyone loves this one.  I put my keys here, but you could put almost anything in here.

The pocket is deep, and the zipper gives you added security.

Inside you have 2 slip pockets and a zippered pocket.

The 2 slip pockets are not quilted, and I have discovered that anything and everything falls out of these pockets.  It doesn't matter what I put inside of them, nothing stays.  I'm not sure if this happens because of the fact that the pockets are not quilted, or because of the outside pockets on the other side.

This is a pretty standard zipper pocket, no complaints here.

Another issue I have with this bag is that there is no hard bottom base.  I feel like all of my things sag, especially when I carry my Kindle in here.  Has anyone else had this problem?

Adjustable strap!!  I'm sure you already knew this, but I think the silver hardware is just so nice!!

Everything I can fit inside.

Anyone else have any thoughts on the new Saddle Up?  Sound off below!!


  1. Thanks for the review of this! I was using the old style Saddle Up in Blue Lagoon as my purse before I received the Hipster in Happy Snails. It really is a great bag! There is so much room in the main compartment, and was surprised that I could fit the same amount of items in it as a tall tote. The new style Saddle Up may be too small for me, as I've been gravitating towards larger purses. Wouldn't have known it without your review :>.

  2. I wanted people to know everything about it because I didn't when I bought it. Don't get me wrong I still love it, it's just not as practical as I thought it would be.

  3. I also have the Canyon Saddle Up. I'm very pleased with the redesign. I purchased the old style awhile back and returned it the next day. I didn't like how the pleats and smaller flap made the bag seemed to puff out. I remember trying it and it looked like a bowling ball on my hip. When the new design come out I was a bit leery but I thought it looked so much better that I'd try it out again. I love this bag! I carry the same things in whatever bag I'm using and I have no problem fitting everything. There's plenty of pockets to keep me organized and the best part is that it doesn't look like a bowling ball on my hip when worn crossbody (which is how I mostly carry it).

    I haven't had any problems with it staying closed because it's not overstuffed. I wouldn't mind seeing 2 more magnets added to the flap though. Why not put one on the each side and the middle? I think it would add security and also keep the flap down if you fill up the bag.

  4. I'm glad you're enjoying it. I'm carrying mine today as a matter of fact!!

  5. I may be the odd one out but I loved the pleats on the older version. With the right fabrics, it made for a unique look that none of the other bags have. I really look at the way a pattern plays up against the style of a bag when I decide which ones to purchase.
    I am thrilled to see that awful heavy metal ring removed. When you flip up the flap, that metal ring bangs onto whatever hard surface your bag is sitting on. Used to drive me crazy in stores with glass counters.
    I am happy that the bag is a little smaller- I prefer a smaller bag for just the essentials. So there are some good benefits to the bag for me but taking away the pleats has really made the it look rather plain to me. Don't think it's one I will be buying in the future.
    Thanks for your take on it :)

  6. You know shortly after writing this review, there was a sale on boysenberry and I purchased the older saddle up and I love it!! You're right, it's so unique looking I get compliments all the time. The design of the older style is so much more functional. I am really wanting another one now, lol. (Look for the review of the old saddle up coming soon)