Monday, October 22, 2012

Vera Bradley On The Go Review

This week's review is dedicated to my new love, the On the Go bag!!  This is a fabulous bag, and a hidden jewel in my opinion.  I just love pleasant surprise, and I think anyone will be pleasantly surprised with this bag.

My beautiful On the Go in Mocha Rouge 
(This is one of the bags I got for FREE with my gift card I won in the raffle!!)
I would really like to see the old On the Go, to compare these two properly, but I will point out the changes I know were made just from looking at the two.  This bag can be carried as a regular shoulder bag or a crossbody bag.  I have heard the number one complaint with the old style was that taller ladies felt it wasn't a true crossbody bag.  I can tell you this one is very long.  I usually let my crossbodies fall at my hip but this one can go down almost to my knee, lol.

The most obvious change are the stripes down the side instead of the middle.  I think they are very cute, and remind me of the Hipster.  

The new On the Go has silver hardware instead of the old tortoise shell ones.  I personally do not think this makes a difference as far as the overall functionality of the bag is concerned.  It just makes for a more attractive feature.

Side Pockets!!  At first glance, these pockets appear to be small, but they are huge!!  I can fit my iPhone 4s, and it fits snug, and secure, you can slide it in and out with ease.

I usually put my lip balm in the other side.

This bag has a zipper on the back, and this is the perfect place for my keys.  You could also use this for your phone if you're in an unfamiliar place and want a little more security.

Inside you have a very spacious compartment.  I can carry all of the normal things I carry in my other bags, and I still feel like I have plenty of room left over.  This bag doesn't bulk out, or turn into a funky shape when you stuff it.  I was able to fit plenty of candy inside the last time I went to the movies, LOL!!

Inside you have 3 slip pockets.  I can fit my mints, hand sanitizer, and tide stick inside of these, and nothing falls out, and the pockets never seem over stuffed.

You also have another HUGE zipper pocket on the inside of the bag.  I'm telling you, there's almost nothing this bag can not hold!!

There is truly nothing I would change about this bag, I absolutely love it!!  



  1. I need to start carrying a tide stick! I'm so jelly of your cutie mint tin. I think I might have to give this bag another try. I just couldn't stop obsessing over the fact I wanted an indigo pop Clare. I didn't even carry the on the go around. I just set it on my dresser till the Clare go in. :/ maybe my birthday? I know already I'm using my bday money and card to go towards the free dogwood tote on Black Friday.

  2. Tide sticks do come in handy!! So do you have an on the go? I'm thinking about waiting until thanksgiving to get all of my winter stuff so I can get the tote. I don't really want it, but I can give it away as a gift.

  3. I don't have one. I did just long enough for the bag I actually wanted to come in. I never even messed with it.

  4. Thanks for the review! I think I may want it in Provencal, but will plan to check it out at the store first. The stripes are cute, and remind me of the hipster as well. This restyled On the Go kind of reminds me of the Spectator, which I loved, and was an older Vera bag that they don't make anymore. I have 2 of them: 1 in Java Blue and 1 in Apple Green. The dangerous styles are the ones I have multiple colors in!!

  5. Angela-you should get one. I think you would really like it.

    Molly- I've always wanted something in Apple Green!! I agree, when I like a certain style, I want more more more!!

  6. Apple Green is one of my favorite colors of all time!

  7. It is really cute. I'm dying to get something in Night Owl.

  8. I want something in apple green, night owl, paprika, Americana red, and something bigger in peacock. I was sooooo close to winning a NWT apple green Betsy once. Someone sniped it with seconds to go :(

  9. Awww, I'm sorry! That's too bad :<. I don't have anything in Night Owl, but it is really cute! Love the owls on the pattern. I do have some Peacock, but it is all smaller items.

  10. Angela-I saw something in Americana on Facebook the other day. They were selling a backpack and a purse.

    I totally saw a lady with a peacock large duffel Monday. I guess she was using it as a diaper bag because she was walking into a restaurant. I tried to snap a pic but she got away.

  11. That's a huge diaper bag! Maybe she puts the kid in it, too. Lol. I left out Elephants Pink! It's so cute.

  12. When I saw her, I was thinking why the heck is she taking a duffel bag in with her? Maybe she wanted to take home a bunch if leftovers? Lol. I actually have a cosmetic bag in that print. It's an old one with a now on it. I like the older styles better.