Monday, October 1, 2012

My Top 10 Vera Bradley Items

I was thinking the other day about a few of my Vera items that I just couldn't live without, so I decided to rate them and share with you guys.  This was a hard task because I love all of my Vera, and I didn't want to leave anyone out.  I decided to base my ratings on what I use the most, so here we go...

(Please note: I haven't reviewed a few of these items, but they are coming soon!!)

10. New Saddle Up

I love this bag!!  I don't want my review to give off a negative impression, so keep in mind the Saddle Up is a bag I use almost daily.  I think what puts it on my top 10 list is that it's a crossbody with the front flap (which sets it apart) and plenty of pockets.  The zipper pocket on the back is another awesome feature!!
9. Wristlet
I love that this wristlet has card slots and a zipper pocket.  It's like having a huge wallet that can go around your wrist and hold your phone and lipgloss.  Vera hit a home run with this one and I cannot wait to get this in more prints.  (Possibly English Rose?)
8. Abby
Yes, a handheld bag is on my list, but the outside pockets are amazing!!  They set this bag apart from all the other handheld bags out there.  Also the fact that you can fit so much in this bag makes it a must for any Vera lover.
7. Eloise
Pockets, pockets, pockets!!  The hidden pockets are fabulous!!  Not to mention, every time I carry this unique bag I get so many compliments.  I love the kisslock closure, and the rolled handles.  I would have rated this bag a little higher but there are a few essentials items I can not live without.
6. Vera XL Tote
My search for the perfect school bag has ended!!  This tote can hold it all, my books, notebooks, pens, pencils, my laptop, and anything else I might need.  This bag may not have a zipper, but the straps make carrying a heavy load so easy.
5. Turn Lock Wallet
Where would I be without my beloved turn lock wallet?  Disorganized and overstuffed!!  This wallet is a must for me and I can not imagine my life before it!!
4. eBook Cover
I love this cover because it keeps my Kindle safe, and it's Vera Bradley, plain and simple.
3. Hipster

I love this crossbody, it holds the essentials, which for me is more than most, and because of the front slip pocket.  The borders on the front are also adorable, which are not on all bags.
2. Miller Bag
My first travel Vera bag, and I have used the you know what out of this bag and you can't even tell.  My uses for this bag are so versatile, I'm surprised I haven't picked one up in another pattern.  My favorites on this bag are the front pocket and the zipper.
And my number 1 Vera item is...
1. Pleated Tote
I currently use this bag more than any of my other bags and I'm dying to grab it in another pattern.  The fact that I can throw anything and everything into this bag makes it my number one pick!!
What are your top 10 Vera items?



  1. I loved reading about your top 10! It was such a fun post :) I had to think long and hard about what my top 10 would be, but I finally was able to decide by picking one favorite from a given category (e.g. I picked just one crossbody style to be in my top 10). I don't think my top 10 would change much even if I didn't pick them out of categories though. Below is my top 10 as it stands right now (though sometimes I feel like my favorites change daily!!!). I also listed the color(s) I own in each style :)

    10. Ditty Bag (From A to Vera + Lime's Up + Mediterranean Blue + Ribbons)
    I travel a lot, and these are amazing for keeping my dirty clothes separate from clean clothes.

    9. Passport Cover (Tea Garden)
    This handy item keeps my passport, SS card, and birth certificate secure and all in one place, which again is needed because I travel a lot.

    8. Hatbox Cosmetic (Floral Nightingale)
    This is the perfect size for my cosmetics, and I love having two separate zip compartments to keep hair ties and hair clips.

    7. Mini Notebook (Floral Nightingale + Happy Snails + Indigo Pop + Island Blooms + Mocha Rouge + Plum Petals)
    I have so many of these because I use them all for different purposes. They are big enough to be useful but small enough to throw into most of my purses!

    6. Wristlet (Indigo Pop + Island Blooms + Summer Cottage + Va Va Bloom)
    I too really love the card slots and zipper pocket. I basically use a wristlet as my wallet when traveling (which if you haven't guessed by now, I do a lot!).

    5. Double Zip Backpack (Island Blooms)
    I prefer to use backpacks to carry my laptop and notebooks back and forth to work, and to me this is the most comfortable and perfect-sized backpack that Vera Bradley has!

    4. Pleated Tote (Hope Garden + Mediterranean Blue)
    While I love my Double Zip Backpack, you can't beat the Pleated Tote! This really is the perfect size tote, it has so many uses, and I love the zipper closure and huge side pockets.

    3. Sweet Pleat Tote (Island Blooms)
    This is my favorite shoulder bag for daily use because it is huge but doesn't look huge, and it has a secure zipper closure and nice-sized front slip pocket. It also has a cute shape! Note this was a QVC special.

    2. Clutch Wallet (Cupcakes Green + Happy Snails + Night Owl + Poppy Fields)
    What gets used daily more than a wallet? For me this is the perfect wallet, and I love love love the kisslock closure. My wallet is kept nicely organized with all the card slots and pockets, and there is plenty of room left to put my phone in there if I just need to run somewhere real quick! I am so sad they discontinued this style!

    1. Convertible Hobo (Indigo Pop + Va Va Bloom)
    Hands down, crossbody bags are my favorite style bag ever. I chose this bag as my favorite because it is the biggest crossbody bag I own, so it fits a ton of stuff easily. I also love the zipper closure, and the front zipper pocket is a great size. Note this was also a QVC special.

  2. There are so many things on your list that are on my wish list!! (Hatbox, clutch wallet) I always like to hear what people do with their ditty bags because I've always wanted one, but I never knew what you were supposed to do with it. I almost included my mini notebook because I keep all of my blog information in there, and you're right, it's perfect to throw in your purse. You have so much Vera, it's so nice to hear from people that enjoy these posts!!

  3. I didn't realize my post was so long, haha! Whoops! I have only used the ditty bags for dirty laundry, but people use them as lunch bags too, so I was thinking of trying that! I highly recommend the hatbox cosmetic, but even more so I recommend the clutch wallet! I think I picked all of mine up on eBay, and my "excuse" for having four clutch wallets is I have one for each season :) I just love that I can pull cash or credit cards out without even taking my wallet out of my purse sometimes! It's awesome, lol. It's scary how much Vera I own, yet I keep adding more to my wish list! I have a whole spreadsheet to keep everything organized... it's crazy! But I love it!

  4. Would an iPhone fit in the clutch wallet?

  5. It would! I have an HTC Inspire which is wider and taller and thicker than the iPhone (my boyfriend has an iPhone), and it definitely fits even with a cover on. I've also put my keys in the clutch wallet before, but I don't think I have ever put both my keys and my phone in at the same time. I'm not sure if that would work!

  6. Knicole, I keep a running inventory of my Vera, too!

  7. Kniocle good to know thanks!!

    Ever since Angela told me she keeps a list, I started keeping one on my phone under my notes, lol. Gotta stay organized!!

  8. Hello Fellow Vera Fan!

    I have been eyeing the Saddle Up bag, but I have a couple of questions. Do you think you could help me? First, I LOVE my Hipster but sometimes need more space. Will the Turn Around Wallet fit in the back outside zip pocket of the Saddle Up Bag? Is the front flap "flimsy" and pop open easily? Does the Saddle Up look bulky when you wear it crossbody? (I love the way that the Hipster lays close to your body)

    Thanks for your help!

  9. I think the turn lock wallet would be too bulky in the back zip pocket. It would fit, but I think you would be unhappy with how it's going to stick out. To be honest I put my keys in there and it sticks out too much. The flap is not flimsy at all and I haven't had any problems with it popping open. The magnet is very secure. I don't think it looks bulky at all. I actually carried it all day at the mall today and it was perfect. Not to heavy, not at all bulky, and fits close to my body. I would like to think of it as a hipster on its side. Look for my full review of this item soon!! ;-)