Friday, September 28, 2012

Reader Review Friday: Vera Bradley Attache

This review comes from one of our favorite readers: Molly!!
First off, thanks to Sarah and Kameron for having me as a guest
reviewer on their blog! I have always been curious about the Attache,
and decided to take the plunge and purchase it when there was a 50%
off Watercolor sale. Watercolor is such a pretty pattern with soft
greens, gray, lavender, purple, and slate blue. I use this bag to
carry my laptop to and from work, and have received many compliments
on it! What people seem to notice the most is the shape of the bag,
as it is more structured and rigid like a box, as opposed to the soft,
more flexible Veras that we are all more apt to seeing. The Attache
has two front slip pockets, a front zipper across the length of the
bag, one inner smaller zipper, and a magnetic slip pocket on the back
side. I love this organization! The magnetic closure on the back is
perfect for papers and such, and I feel secure with the magnet that
they won't fall out :>. I don't think that I have seen these in my
local Vera store lately, but they are still available on What does everyone think? Do you like the structure
of this bag?
I would recommend it :>.
Vera Bradley inscribed on the clasp - very classy
Attachment mechanism
 Magnet on back is where top finger sits.
In this slip pocket, I put papers in here, as previously described.
Handle - could be used to carry with, but I
prefer to use this bag crossbody.
Shoulder strap - keeps it pretty comfortable.
View of the bag when opened
My hand inside the smaller back inner pocket
 One of the front slip pockets. These appear to
be the same size.
 Front zipper pocket
What can fit inside: medium cosmetic in
Watercolor, 14" laptop, laptop cord, and wristlet in Tea Garden, all
in the main compartment of the bag. Please note: my larger 15 some
inch work laptop also fits with the same items inside.
What the bag looks like when closed. I was able
to fit it all, although it was kind of tight!
Big thanks to Molly for her awesome review of her Attache. (Now I really want something in Water Color)