Monday, July 30, 2012

East West Tote Review

I told myself I would review one Vera Bradley product a week, so when I was thinking this morning who should receive the honor this week, I didn't have to look very far for inspiration.  I was joking with my friends about all of the Vera in my gym bag and then it hit me, my gym bag!!

I've read a lot of reviews and talked to a lot of people and the more popular choices for gym bags are the small duffel, Miller, maybe even the traditional Vera tote.  This bag can be used for numerous events, I started using mine because it was new and I really wanted to carry it and because it matched my gym shoes, LOL!!  After that first time I took it, it just stuck.  I'm not one of those people who take anything and everything to the gym.  I only go when I know I can run home afterward; So keep that in mind when making your selection.  On any given gym day, I have a large bottle of water, a face towel, my Kindle (in case I'm in a reading mood on the treadmill), wallet, iPhone, earbuds, lock for my locker, tanning lotion, goggles, and car keys.  I love taking this bag, it's large enough for me to fit everything I need, yet small enough to fit inside of my locker.

In my pockets I keep my tanning goggles, lock, wallet, earbuds, keys, and phone.

In the main compartment I keep my towel, Kindle, water, and tanning lotion.

The straps are basic, not double or quilted, or anything like that.  I find they stay on your shoulders perfectly, but then again I don't load the bag down.  I think if you're carrying something heavy, the non-padding may be a problem.

(My finger is touching the magnet)

The bag has an invisible magnetic closure.  Even though it's not a zipper, I still like it.  It's not a very strong magnet,but I think that's a positive because I'm not worried about it tearing the fabric later on down the road.

My laptop does fit, but it's super tight!!  If I had a smaller laptop, it might be a little more practical to use as a laptop bag. 

I've even started using this bag for the pool.  Again, I don't take much to the pool, I only have to pack for myself.  I can fit a beach towel, Kindle, snacks, water and any other little thing I might need.  If you're packing for more people, I would suggest a larger bag.

Do you use a Vera for the gym or the beach?  Send us a pic!!

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