Friday, July 13, 2012

Fall 2012 Launch Part II

I have to admit that I was never really into any of these new prints...until I saw them in person. The stock photos really do not do them justice. Va va bloom and indigo pop were the two prints that pleased my eyes the most. I do have a propensity for multi-colored prints because they go with everything. Indigo pop has neutral enough colors to make it easy to wear, and that splash of lime green brightens the whole palette.

I originally purchased the new On-the-Go in Va Va bloom and the wristlet in Indigo pop.  But after a lot of deliberation, I exchanged the On-the-Go for the Frannie for size reasons. I have two medium sized handbags (Mandy and bowler) and do not utilize the pocket or space it offers. So far, downsizing was a good decision. I can fit my everyday essentials in it with room to spare: wallet, keys, phone, lipgloss, and lotion. I loved having the potential to cram more things into my bag, but if I don't do that, it's a waste. Maybe next time I'll find it necessary to get the On-the-Go ;)
The wristlet was a no-brainer because I can fit everything I need into one handy little pouch so bag changing is simple and nothing is left behind.

Left: Frannie in Va Va Bloom
Right: Wristlet in Indigo Pop
With my experience with this last print release, I have no idea what to expect with the rest of the prints coming out August 31. Maybe I'll love them, maybe I'll hate them. I certainly didn't have favorites when these newest ones came out, but I came home with two. Guess we'll have to wait and see!



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  2. I think you made a good decision with those bags. I like the pop of color. Great blog!

  3. Had good fortune that local Vera Store had all 6 colors preview in Spring. Got Provincial Tote (GORGEOUS) Portabello backpack (very subtle yet striking pattern) & Canyon Lg. Cosmetic. Canyon is earthy in a Mesa Red style pattern (sans paisley). Save some $, I think you'll be pleased.
    Love your weekly reviews. Great idea & very informative. Please keep em coming.

  4. You are SO lucky!! We've tried getting a sample pattern, but they are always gone before we get there!! I've already decided that my next bag will be in Provincial. It's so pretty and I'm beyond excited to see it in person. So glad to hear you love the blog, always nice to hear feedback ;-) There's some good stuff coming up so stay tuned!!