Thursday, July 26, 2012

Vera: Gift Wrapped!!

I had another special delivery today!!  I purchased a birthday present for a very special someone, and purchased something for myself as well.  Since I had her present gift wrapped, mine came wrapped as well and it was like Christmas!!  Vera wraps things so nicely, you really only need to add a bow.

Vera has very cute gift boxes.  I even keep them for other gifts because they are so nice.

You can even write a personalized message, and Vera will print it on a special card.  Everything is wrapped in tissue paper and sealed with a Vera Bradley sticker.

Miller bag for the birthday girl in Night and Day.  I've never really seen this pattern up close until now and it is so pretty!!  There is a actually gray around the black flowers and it's beautiful.  Now I'm pondering what I can get for myself in this pattern.

My special treat for myself, the Vera XL tote in Symphony in Hue.  I know I've been getting a lot of these lately, but sometimes you just can't pass up a good deal.  I had a Vera XL tote once upon a time, not sure why I got rid of it, so I'm so happy to add this bag back to my collection.  (If you couldn't tell, Symphony in Hue is one of my favorite colors so when I find something in it, I BUY IT!!)

I feel like I need to revise my earlier statement concerning Vera's shipping.  This shipment came very fast, way earlier than expected.  From the time I ordered it, and I ordered it late at night, to the time I received it today was 6 days.  I have some Christmas presents coming soon so we'll see how fast those get here.

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