Monday, July 16, 2012

Trade Show Finds

I was at a trade show this past weekend, and as I was traveling from booth to booth I found these adorable baby wipe holders.  Now I do not have children, but I love love love baby wipes, and I always carry them around with me.  They have so many uses, like getting stains out of your clothes if you have a mishap, or removing makeup, I also use them to clean my dog's paws after playing outside. (He's very particular about the cleanliness of his paws, but that's another story!) They had a lot of different patterns, and as I was looking through them the lady noticed my hipster I was carrying.  That of course led us to a long conversation about Vera, and how another lady custom ordered a bunch of baby items, bibs, blankets, etc. in Vera Bradley.  She said she ordered quite a few napkins and didn't know what to do with the leftovers.  I said, "use them for the wipe holders."  She went and dug out some of the prints and she had one of my favorite prints, Happy Snails!!  Happy Snails is the print of my Miller bag, and therefore my number one choice in matching this particular accessory.  I was so excited, 20 minutes later I picked up my custom Vera baby wipe holder and I can't help myself from showing it off!!

Isn't it adorable?

It even has this cute trim going all the way around it.  I love finding custom Vera things, and I know you ladies do too!!

Sometimes I just like to be matchy matchy!!

I also saw ladies carrying so many different Vera's, even my parents joined in the counting Vera game.  I was only able to snap a few pics, but here's what I got!!

I really want a Go Round Tote now.  It just seems so functional.

Out of all the bags we counted, Hipster was the number 1!!  I can understand why, it's perfect for things like these, hands free shopping!!

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