Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Small Kisslock Wallet Review

As I mentioned a few days ago, I've been looking for a good wallet that I can use day to day.  Don't get me wrong, I love my All in One Wristlet but I just don't feel like it's a good wallet.  The coin pouch is laughable, the card slots are a little tight, and don't plan on loading it up with cash because it will only fit a dollar, lol.  But that's ok because the wristlet I feel is a minimalist's wallet, I love using it when I go out or go see a movie, but I needed something more practical.  I've never been someone to tote around a million things in my wallet, keeping a bunch of reciepts, and coupons in my wallet would drive me crazy.  I looked at the Accordion and Turn Lock wallets, but they were too big. (Not knocking you that like these wallets, just not my style)  I've always been attracted to smaller wallets because sometimes when I carry a smaller bag like the Hipster, or a clutch I like to just throw in my wallet and not have to worry about changing everything out.  I knew I wanted my new wallet in Indigo Pop, I just didn't know which wallet to choose.  I became interested in the Snappy, Euro, and Small Kisslock wallets.  Upon taking a closer look, the Euro wallet turned me off because of the extra card slots that open up, so I put that one back.  I was actually walking up to the register with the Snappy wallet, but the coin pouch was a little zipper on the back, the same exact problem with the AIO wristlet, so I decided to take a closer look at the Small Kisslock wallet.  I just fell for it!!  I love the kisslock coin pouch!!  Not only is it different from other wallets, it holds so much more change.  I don't carry around $20 bucks in change or anything, but I would like to be able to hold more than a quarter, lol.  The kisslock also reminded me of my grandmother's coin purse when I was a little girl.  I know it's a little nostalgic, but I loved it. 

Love love love!!

Back view

Magnetic snap closure.  This is not one of those tough to open magnets, but I still feel like everything inside is very secure.  I've read on VB.com, a few people were having problems with the wallet opening back up, but I personally have not experienced this.  I feel like my wallet is full, but not overstuffed, perhaps this is the culprit of the problem the other ladies were facing.

Completely open.  Don't worry, this is just my McLovin ID, lol.  I can easily fit my ID, and 3 cards, I just used a few reward cards for this pic.

Cash!! I never carry more than a few bills anyways, so I feel like this is perfect for me.

The change!! I haven't experienced any problems with this part either.  The compartment stays closed keeping your change secure. 

I have noticed a few strings like this, but every Vera addict knows there are always a few loose threads.  I'm just hoping this is not the first of many.

Bottom line, I love this wallet.  But only time will tell if this wallet is durable and can be used day to day...


  1. Great description. I'm looking for a new wallet too but in Happy Snails!

  2. Happy Snails is one of my favorite prints!! I've heard it's retiring, which is sad but it means we can get great deal!! ;-)

  3. Love it! I want one now for my hipster and Lizzy