Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Our 1st Vera Invitation Event

Vera Bradley really knows how to pamper their favorite customers!!  After hearing about these special, "Vera Parties", we finally received an invite to the Vera Bradley bed/bath event.

We were greeted with breakfast and as always cute Vera Bradley water bottles. I kept a few just for keeps. ;-)

The store associates had set up different stations to show off the new goodies.  First stop, Verafy your room!!

There were comforters, plush blankets, stadium blankets, the new square ribbon boards, and the new restyled shower caddies.

Next stop, back to school!!  The laundry bags have been restyled, now the print is on the outside where before it was a modified version of the print and are now even washable for toting around your dirties!!  Someone even suggested it would be perfect to take on an upcoming trip, needless to say it was added to my wish list.

 We were also able to see the first 3 fall colors in person!!  It was such a blast because everything looks different in person.  It's going to be so hard to decide what color to get now...

New throw pillows, very comfy!!

 We topped off the morning with a drawing for a sweet summer prize.  Unfortunately we didn't win...this time!!

No party would be complete without party favors!!  We cannot wait until our next Vera party!!


  1. I'll take a pillow and a blanket please. Just a heads up when I have my house warming party. ;) Love the blog, girls!

  2. Lol I'll get you something for baby Thor!! I hope he like florals...

  3. I wish I was there !!!! I love Vera Bradley I have a backpack and lunch box set in summer cottage. And also a backpack and lunch box set in Heather. And a sling phone in the color clementine . Great product and lasts very long ! I used mine for 2 years never had any problems the best part is when it gets dirty just throw it in the wash when it comes out looking brand-new .