Thursday, September 13, 2012

Bid farewell to some of your favs...

Boysenberry, Tea Garden, and Happy Snails are officially in retirement!!

While it is sad to see so many great colors go, this is a perfect opportunity to collect them at a lower price.  It seems lately that Vera is coming out with so many new colors, and retiring old ones so fast, it can be hard to keep up.  But that's ok with me, because it just adds to my addiction, lol.
My Shopping List
Go Round Tote in Boysenberry
I've been wanting to add this tote to my collection for awhile.  I decided I needed more totes after my little crossbody spree, and this is at a great price.
Small Duffel in Boysenberry
I have a large duffel, but I've been wanting a small duffel just to see what all I could use it for.  Maybe the gym?  Maybe a sleepover?  We'll see!!
Clare in Happy Snails
Yes, I already have a Clare, but why not get something I know I love at a reduced price?  I have my Miller bag in Happy Snails, but I wanted this print in a smaller bag that I could use more often.
Hipster in Tea Garden
Clare in Tea Garden
These are some things I wanted to pick up for Christmas gifts, still debating on whether or not I should get these, or something else.  Let's see how close I can stick to my list. ;-)
Did you get something on sale?  Let us see!!


  1. They have so much good stuff on sale! I sent you the e-mail with the picture of the older style weekender bag that I got at 25% off. They also had the Double Coin Kiss Purse and the Loop Keychain on sale (25% off) in all colors. Shower caddies were on sale in a couple colors, I might go back and get the one in Priscilla Pink!

  2. That is so funny that you mention the shower caddy because I was thinking I wanted one lol. But I have no use for one :-/ maybe when I go camping, which happens like never. Ugh, so many things I want...

  3. Yeah, I wasn't sure exactly what I'd use it for either, until I convinced myself that I needed 2, haha! One for my desk at work and one for the beach...I think I tapered that down to 1...can't make up my mind! I have a beach towel in Ellie Blue, and thought about getting the shower caddy to match it for the beach and the Priscilla Pink one for my desk. Help, I'm addicted!

  4. If you have the towel, you definitely need the shower caddy to match it. And at such a good price, you might as well get the 2nd!! ;-)

  5. Thanks for helping in my decision, lol! I also got a check in the mail from my aunt for my early birthday for $25 - just enough for 1, so I won't feel guilty if I buy 2!!!

  6. What are you going to do with the one for your desk?

  7. I was going to put my green brush (which matches the green in the pattern) in it and some pink make-up bags. It is so cute, I think I can get away with it! Got the Priscilla Pink shower caddy and the Tea Garden wristlet - sent you an e-mail with a pic :>. The shower caddy in Ellie Blue was kind of dark for my taste, so I decided not to get that one to match my towel. I'll keep my eyes peeled for other ones, perhaps a Happy Snails.

  8. That's a really good idea!! Now I have an excuse to get one!