Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Breaking News!! More styles to be retired...

I was given some very valuable information the other day, and I wanted to share it with you all!!  Before the end of the year, several more styles will be retired, and some of them are shockers.

 Campus Tote
I don't think anyone was shocked about this retirement, but I think they're more surprised about how long it took this bag to go into retirement.  Remember, this bag made its debut in Fall 2012!!  That's it, one season.  This bag was released in Ribbons, but it will not be made in Dogwood, or English Rose.  I think Vera missed the mark on this one when they decided to use a magnet instead of a zipper.  Most ladies on, "campus," like the security of a zipper closure.

Lunch Date
With the number of different lunch bags, it was only a matter of time before Vera decided to retire one.  I'm sure a new lunch bag will be released next Fall, just in time for the new school year.

Laptop Backpack
I think this was the most shocking retirement.  Many ladies, of all ages love this bag, and I hear they are very popular with the college crowd.  I think when Vera retires something as loved as this item, they are probably revamping it for an upcoming release.
Again, Vera has a number of backpacks on the market, and I think this smaller version is probably less popular.  I think it is so cute, and I've always wanted one, I just have no use for it.  Maybe now I can think of something!!

Gallery Wallet
To be honest, I've never given this wallet a second look.  I usually am not interested in any wallet with a checkbook slot, but this wallet has places for pictures, and that's intriguing.  Anyone own this wallet?
East West Tote
I have to say I was surprised by this one.  I love my East West Tote, and I know a lot of people that do too.  I can actually fit more in here than the standard tote.  Hopefully they are just re-doing this one!!
Chain Bag
I have never, not once seen anyone in public carrying this bag.  It's very cute, but it does not seem functional for everyday use.  It's also been brought to my attention that this bag does not have a hard base, so when you put anything in here the bag begins to sag. 
Chain Lanyard
I really want a lanyard, but with this chain you can hardly see any of the pattern!!
What were you most surprised by with these new additions to the retirement home?
UPDATED 9-27-2012
It looks like the hatbox cosmetic will also be retired before the end of the year!!



  1. I know which one i am most upset over, the East West tote. I hope it is just a revamp with a zipper or something. I don't even want hipster and campus tote accent stripes. I like it how it is.

  2. I agree, even with the magnet I love and use this bag all the time.

  3. Argh! They are retiring the chain lanyard :<. I've gotten so many compliments on mine. Even though I have heard it wasn't popular, still a bit surprised about the Campus Tote being retired so quickly. I have always wanted an East West tote, so maybe now (or soon) is the time to buy ;>.

  4. Definitely. East West has so many uses, I'm sure there's something you could use it for, and you could snag it in a new fall pattern.

  5. I'm surprised by the East West tote retiring but agree, that I would like this piece so much better with a zipper. That's the only reason why I haven't bought it yet.
    I like that lunch bag so I may pick it up before it's retired.
    Will we see the prices get reduced for any of these items?

  6. Oh definitely. I'm hearing these will go before the end of the year, but once the sale starts they will only be in the store at the sale price for a short amount of time. After that they are available online and honestly I think you can get a better price online because periodically they do sales where you can get an extra amount off sale items.