Monday, September 24, 2012

Guess that Vera!!

Thanks to Molly for sending me her HUGE collection.  I can tell you right now, this is going to be a tough collection to crack!!  Submit your guesses below, and I'll post the list in a few days. ;-)





  1. Jaw.Drop.

    I.... I wouldn't know where to begin. Just name off every pattern I see. Like almost all lol. K, so Molly... You need my addy to take some of that off your hands ;)

  2. LOL!! It is jaw dropping. I wonder how many years it has taken to collect all these. Haha we should start a Vera swap.

  3. Lol! I have collected since 2004, so at least 8 years to accrue this much Vera :>. Thanks for adding the extra pics :>. Admittedly, there are some things that I don't use much anymore, so I might be up for a swap.

  4. Yea, sometimes I feel bad for certain items just sitting there. My Vera's are like my children and I want them to be loved, lol.

  5. I know the feeling! I do rotate my purses with the matching wallets quite a bit. Mostly the older things haven't been used lately. I have thought about selling some items, but then heard stories of people regretting it later.

  6. I could see that. I sold a wristlet once and a week later I was like, "why did I do that?" I guess I'm just going to have to pick one up come spring time. ;-)

  7. Alright since no one wanted to guess, (I guess the size of the collection intimidated everyone, lol) I guess I will post the list!!

    Raspberry Fizz Sleek Wallet Tall Zip Tote
    Apple Green Coin Purse Large Duffel Spectator Large Cosmetic Mini Zip Wallet
    Bees Travel Cosmetic Little Villager Wallet Luggage Tag Ditty Bag
    Imperial Toile G2G Frill Wallet Frill Bag Laptop Portfolio
    Citris Travel Bag Hipster Curling Iron Cover Mini Zip Wallet Business
    Card Holder
    Slate Blooms Hipster Double Kiss Coin Purse
    Pinwheel Pink Wristlet Hipster
    Blue Lagoon Clutch Wallet Sugar and Spice Crossbody
    Loves Me Hanging Organizer
    Totally Turq Hanging Organizer
    Java Blue Spectator
    Mod Floral Blue Card Holder
    Cambridge Card Holder
    Make Me Blush Note Holder
    Simply Violet Yoga Mat
    Mediterranean White Clear Cosmetic
    Baroque Kiss and Make Up
    Peacock Maggie Mini Zip Wallet Notepad Wristlet
    Blue Rhapsody SOI Frill Tote
    Microfiber Black/White Purse Wallet (Think these were not shown)
    Microfiber Khaki Wallet
    Watercolor Attache Tech case Chain lanyard Medium cosmetic
    Priscilla Pink Shower Caddy (not shown)
    Provencal Throw blanket Messenger
    Tea Garden Wristlet
    Paisley Meets Plaid Weekender
    Lemon Parfait Travel wallet Squared away Tiny traveler E-reader sleeve
    Cloth Napkins
    Pink elephants bow tote
    Ellie Blue Beach towel
    Yellow Bird Placemats Cloth Napkins
    Binder Clips - Assorted colors

    VERY impressive collection Molly!! Can't wait for your next review!!

  8. Thanks! Sorry if this was too intimidating for everyone to guess...perhaps there should have been 2 pictures instead of 9 ;>.