Saturday, September 1, 2012

Fresh fall pics from our favorite readers!!

We love hearing from you guys and we really love when you send pictures of your new Vera items.  Keep them coming!!

Molly's new Messenger bag in Provencal. BEAUTIFUL!!

Jordan's new On That Note in Provencal. This is such a cute little thing to have, I'm thinking about getting one.
In the few conversations I've had since this release, it seems Provencal is the most popular color.  I had a few readers also tag me in their instagram posts, and those were Provencal as well, and I can't blame them, it's so pretty!!  


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  2. It is an older stationary item that they used to make, and I'm soo sad it is not being made in the newer colors.

    I forgot what I posted earlier, since I deleted it due to a typo. I have 2 of them (Buttercup and Very Berry Paisley) and took out the stationary and put it somewhere else so I could use the boxes as jewelry boxes - works great!

  3. Those are so cute, they need to bring those back. I also love their thank you cards but they hardly ever make them anymore.

  4. Yeah, I am definitely going to be looking for another mailbox during the sale. I thought about buying one in Versailles, as it was a pretty good deal online, but I'm not too fond of that color.

  5. Oh I know!! I found so many pleated totes in that color but I just couldn't do it!!