Monday, September 17, 2012

Vera Bradley Turn Lock Wallet Review

So I finally decided it was time to upgrade to a larger wallet, after having my kisslock all summer.  I looked at every possible wallet for days and finally landed on the turn lock wallet.  I've glanced at this wallet before, but always written it off as too big for me.  Lately, my little kiss lock was busting at the seams and carrying around all of my little loyalty rewards cards in my zip ID was becoming a pain when I would have to dig around just to find what I was looking for.  I figured the turn lock would still be a little too big for me, but at least everything would be more organized.  To my surprise, I completely filled up the turn lock wallet, and actually had to double up in a few card slots.  This wallet seems way too big at first, but once you put your entire life into it, it actually fits just right.  I've been using this wallet for a few days now and I cannot imagine living my life without it.  I'm still going to use my kisslock wallet for when I carry a smaller bag, but I think the majority of my wallet time will be spent with my beautiful turn lock wallet.

My beautiful turn lock wallet in Canyon
I actually really love this new color and I see myself picking up a few other things in it.
The turn lock
The turn lock makes this wallet easy to get in and out of and you don't have to fight with a magnet or worry about the magnet ripping the fabric.
The front compartment opens up to 6 credit card slots, and 2 ID windows.  The numerous slots make finding whatever card you need a breeze.
These little windows are so easy to slide your ID in and out of.  Most wallets put a fight anytime you need your ID, but not this one. 
This wallet also has several areas for your cash, one being behind the window slots.  I think this could also be used for your checkbook if you really wanted to, but
1. I do not carry checks and
2. I think the checkbook would bulk up the wallet a little bit and while this wallet is large, it's very flat and easy to fit inside of almost any bag.  I carried this inside of my Hipster today and I didn't experience any problems.

There's another expandable area behind the credit card slots, same exact size as this one.

The turn lock wallet also has a large zipper compartment that houses 6 more card slots and yet another expandable "cash slot." (I call it cash slot because the length is the perfect size for money, but you could really put anything in here) I can even fit my iPhone inside of this wallet, and zip it up and it's not bulky at all.  This comes in handy if you just need to run in and out really fast and not necessarily want to grab your entire bag.

 Where I keep my cash
I decided to put my cash here because it was in the zipper compartment and I just felt it was more secure for me.
Back View
The change pocket for this wallet is found on the back and this is a pretty large change pocket compared to others I've seen.
I also like that the interior fabric is dark since change sometimes tends to be dirty :-(
While there are several other wallets in this size range, I just felt this wallet appealed to my needs the most, and I was so right! I love this wallet and I'm already planing to get it in Go Wild, come spring time.


  1. Nice review, thanks! I've always considered this wallet, but wasn't sure if my iPhone would fit. I'll have to take a closer look now :>. My iPhone is in this Otterbox case, so I'm also considering the strap wallet.

  2. I'm not sure about the Otterbox but I would give it a try. I also looked at the strap wallet and my phone fit better in the turn lock. If they would put a little strap for your wrist, this turn lock wallet would be perfect.

  3. Yeah, I've heard many people would like a wristlet for the strap wallet as well. Perhaps if I got one I could just knot the longer strap.

  4. What about that zip around wallet? It has a wristlet strap.

  5. Good suggestion. My sister has that wallet, and I think it would be a bit too small for me, and am not sure that it would fit my phone.

  6. I purchased that one as a gift and it has a lot of slots, not as many as the turn lock but I was surprised. I think since it's not really structured a phone would make it bulky and weird looking lol.

  7. I ordered a Turn Lock Wallet today in Lemon Parfait, partially based off your review :>. Can't wait to get it and the other items :>. Lol, I think I'll try to jam my iPhone with its Otterbox case in it, as my sister said she was able to fit hers in her wallet.

  8. Yeah, I can't really imagine a phone fitting well in the Zip Around Wallet.

  9. Oh yay!!! I know you're going to love it and I love Lemon Parfait bc of the same reason I love canyon, the little hidden hearts in the pattern.

  10. Oh, yeah! The little hidden hearts are really cute! I like the cool sea foam green that is the inside of the pattern when it is a wallet or what not.

  11. The only thing I was disappointed about was the inside of Canyon not being anywhere on the wallet. Lemon Parfait has a really cute interior as well, too bad it's not on this wallet, :-(

  12. Awww, sorry! Yeah, sometimes I wish the interior pattern was on the inside somewhere, like it is on the strap wallet. I have my sights on that wallet at well and will hopefully get it by the end of the year ;>.

  13. I cannot wait until you get your turn lock wallet. I'm so excited for you to use it!!

  14. Thanks! I'll let you know how it goes :>. It was shipped out today, so excited!!!