Thursday, September 6, 2012

Vera Bradley Clare Review

Since we are so close to saying goodbye to summer, I decided this week's review should be on a great summer color, Summer Cottage.  I have a few items in this print, a print I said I hated when I first saw it, (funny how that always happens to me) but I decided to review the Clare.  This is a fabulous bag and a must for any crossbody lover like myself.  At first glance it can come across as another competitor for the Hipster, but this bag has some major differences.

My beautiful Clare in Summer Cottage
Yes, this looks like a Lizzy, they call it, "Lizzy's big sister."  I joked with my friend, her sister on steroids, because this bag is huge, but in a good way.
Inside Clare
I've found that I can easily fit more inside this bag than the hipster with plenty of room to spare.  Clare may not have as many pockets as other bags, but I think she makes up for it in spare room and design.  Inside I can fit my Kindle, medium cosmetic bag, small kisslock wallet, zip ID case, gum, tide stick, hand santizer, and I still have so much room.
Clare has 2 inside pockets.  One that is smaller and ideal for hand santizer, lip gloss, or pens, and the larger I use for my zip ID.  These are the only pockets inside this bag, and most reviews I've read everyone asks for more pockets but I find this to be enough for me.
Clare's front pocket opens up just like Lizzy's.  This is the outer slip pocket and this baby is deep!! I can slide my cell phone in and keys and they don't even touch each other.  I also feel this pocket is secure enough to hold my phone while I'm out shopping and what not.
Inside the flap you have another huge pocket that closes with a magnet.  This pocket is super secure so feel safe knowing whatever you place in here is not going anywhere!!
No pockets on the back.  This is another popular issue I've discovered with other Clare owners, but this is not an issue to me.  I've never found myself wishing for that outside pocket.  I feel like those huge pockets on the front make up for the back.
Bottom line, I really love this bag.  It's a great bag, and if the Hipster seems too small to you, you might want to check out the Clare.  When the new retirement sales start, I'm dead set on getting another Clare in Happy Snails!!
Any suggestions on what we should review next?  Just let us know ;-)


  1. Thanks for the review! I have a hipster and it seems like it fits a lot, but its kind of big because it kept hitting my leg when I walk. This one seems kinda perfect and roomy. And yay for Happy Snails!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Try the Clare and let me know how you like it. What all are you going to get in Happy Snails?

  3. I have A TON in Happy Snails already. I was thinking the Saddle Up tho.

  4. Send me a pic of your happy snails and I'll post it