Saturday, September 1, 2012

Vera Bradley Eloise Review

When I came across this beauty a few weeks ago at the Spring 2013 preview, I knew I could not leave that store without it.  I have to be honest, I've never looked twice at Eloise, until I saw this print.  The preview styles are very limited, I was leaning towards a tote (because I swore to myself I would not buy another Hipster, LOL) and then this bag caught my eye.  In the past I was always afraid it looked a little too old for me, but now the design seems retro.  Normally, I change bags out every day or two, but since I got this lovely, I've carried it almost the entire time I've had it, minus a few special occasions.  This may not be a tote, but it's an excellent everyday bag.

Eloise in Jazzy Blooms
The lights in this room are a little different, and I feel like this picture does not do this bag justice.  It's so beautiful.  Rolled handles are now a go to for me.  They fit so well on your shoulder, never falling off or cutting into you.
Kisslock closure
Ever since I got my kisslock wallet, I've been fascinated with these styles.  It's different from a zipper, and in my opinion, easier to get in and out of.  I've read a few reviews that stated some people had problems after awhile with the bag not staying closed, or the metal turning colors or the fabric coming off around the metal.  I have not personally experienced any of these problems, but perhaps I have not used the bag long enough to notice. 
"Secret" Pockets
I'm not going to lie, I had this bag for a few days before I realized each side opens up to reveal a pocket.  It never even crossed my mind until someone pointed it out to me.  In each "secret" pocket there are 2 slip pockets, perfect for a cell phone or lip gloss or whatever else you need to get to quick.
I have noticed if you place something large in these, the bag does bulk out a bit.  I would only recommend smaller items.

Inside View
The bag opens up to...more pockets!!  I've said it before, pockets keep me organized and that makes me happy!!  There are 4 very deep slip pockets, and a very large zipper pocket.  This bag does not have a removable base, so keep that in mind if you're someone who likes to throw your bag in the washer, as Vera does not recommend anything but spot cleaning this item.

Slip Pockets

Zipper Pocket
I was surprise by how much I could fit into this bag, because when you carry it, it feels so light.  I'm not sure if this is due to the design of the bag or the handles.  Either way I still have room for more if I needed it.

Everthing that fits inside
I can easily fit my medium eBook cover, small kisslock wallet, zip ID case, the medium bag from the cosmetic trio, hand sanitizer and gum. 
I love this bag!!  It also doesn't hurt that I have it in a print that isn't even out until 2013!! ;-) If you're looking for a new everyday purse, give Eloise a second look, she just might surprise you...


  1. Nice review! Just to reiterate, can't wait for spring! I've seen the winter colors online, and did not care for any of them. Looks like I'll be going straight from Provencal to Jazzy Blooms and Plum Crazy, although sometimes seeing them in person changes my mind.

  2. I feel the same way about winter, although recently English rose isn't looking so bad. Plum crazy is really cute!! But there are some really cool new styles and items coming out in winter!! ;-)

  3. Thanks for the review! I like the bag when I saw it at the store and online but haven't found a pattern that I would like it in. Then I saw this! I cant wait for the new Spring patterns to arrive, this is such a cute bold color.

  4. I'm so excited!! I want something else in Jazzy Blooms I just don't know what!! These pictures just don't do this print justice.